Baby 5 months it’s been shit on private: doctor says it is healthy or not

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Method proposed by German midwife Tamara Hiller, natural hygiene or elimination Communication arose directly related to environmental concerns - on average, one child up to the age of desfralde uses 3,796 diapers, according to a study by National Geographic, and they take about 500 years to decay. Although it seems a solution to the garbage problem, the method is safe? The Rio Manuela Tasca announced on his personal blog that his son Luca, 5 months, began to use the method and raised the debate. To clarify the issues, we talk to a pediatrician.

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What is the Elimination Communcation (EC)

Hiller began writing about the EC after observing the habits of an Indian woman and her son were staying for a while in your home, says pediatrician Moises Chencinski. "Realizing that the baby was going to evacuate or urinate, she took him out of the house"He says.

From this, the mother began to disclose the EC or natural cleaning, that is to observe the baby - look, sounds, expressions - and from these signs, put it on the toilet or potty to urinate or evacuate and make a sound, causing it to associate the sound to the action may, with the time, quench the need for diaper use.

It is bad for the baby?

Although stimulates the interaction between mother and child, increase the bonds, induces the mother to watch over the small, increase the child's time with their caregivers, Chencinski warning that the method can have negative consequences.

"The developing baby is craniocaudal, ie, he first learns to look, then supports the head and neck, trunk lifts, sits, crawls, stands up and then walk. With the bodies the same thing happens. Development is top-down and inside out. So when we encourage others, just jumping phases of development"Explains pediatrician.


Making analogies with the correct desfralde, the doctor says that besides the embarrassment, the child may in the long run, be more likely to suffer from urinary infections arrested and intestine.


Hygiene is another matter. While at home is easy to clean the toilets or use buckets and bedpans, Chencinski comments on other situations. "If the baby is in the car with no diaper or it will make the clothing or in any container that will be discarded in the street. In restaurants or public places the problem is even greater, since the bathrooms are poorly sanitized and can contaminate the baby".

Psychological problems

In addition, the pediatrician also alert to psychological problems. From birth the baby goes through several times. Called psychosexual stages, the first two are related to oral perception (up to 1 year on average) and anal (1 to 3 years on average). "Skip or postpone any other of these phases certainly raises questions when the child is greater or even in adulthood"He explains.

Baby more bakes with diaper?

Private drinking coconut 3Credit: ThinkstockFralda does not increase chances of diaper rash, says pediatrician

When evaluating the method is normal questions arise in relation to hygiene. However, according to Chencinski, the diaper pee and poop, is exchanged with acceptable ranges, it does not cause allergy, irritation or rash. "The baking takes place with or without diaper diaper and hygienic conditions - with changes and frequent baths - what causes the rash is usually the acidity of the stool", account.

Respect the choices

Despite many differences, the pediatrician alert to the power of parental choice. "Parents should not feel inferior because they have chosen this or that way - is the birth, breast-feeding or care with hygiene. It is important that they seek a lot of information about the risks and the consequences of any action or action and, from that, make their individual and conscious choices"He says.

Professional reinforces each child reacts to stimuli and their particularities must be respected. "We have a standard of normality. There are children walking at seven months, but we can not demand the same result of all because it is expected that they do it for around two years only. No case is wrong, but not to generalize the exceptions and not use them as an ideal example"Concludes Chencinski.

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