Best clothes to travel by plane

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Travel abroad is always a great time that is full of expectations and schedules. During the process of checking passages, packing and decide what to take, you may even end up forgetting who will spend hours on a plane. Comfort is the watchword, but at the same time, you do not want to arrive in a new country like a beggar. So, check out the best types of clothes for travel by plane and inspire us looks of the famous:

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giovanna ewbank 0Agnews

Even using a top to ward off the heat, Giovanna Ewbank actress preferred to cover the legs in the name of comfort and bet on a well larguinha pants to travel by plane

ildi silva airportAgnews

Jeans and shoes were down the choices of Ildi Silva for a casual and comfortable look. The actress also invested in little jacket, ideal to avoid the cold with strong air-conditioning of the plane.

grazi massafera 0Agnews

Regatta soltinha, comfortable jeans and quietly shoe make up the visual Grazi Massafera at the airport. The look also guarantees freedom to mothers who, in addition to bags, need to carry your little ones.

0 friends rudder breadsAgnews

Fernanda Paes Leme proves that it is possible to bet on a basic, comfortable look with jeans and white shirt, while the side style.

maria casadevall 0Agnews

Unable to get uncomfortable in an airplane with the look chosen by Maria Casadevall. soltinha shirt and baggy shorts ensure mobility and does not compromise on style.

antonia fontenelle airportAgnews

The look consists of legging and bootie Flats certainly left Antonia Fontenelle quite comfortable during the flight.

isabeli fontana airportAgnews

Even the tops need to leave the high heels aside and bet on shoes to ensure comfort during a long plane trip.

nicole bahls airportAgnews

Nicole Bahls, who usually appears with Curtinhas clothes and legs out, preferred the comfort when traveling. The baggy pants avoids annoying if you spend hours sitting in an armchair by plane.

paloma bernardi airportAgnews

loose shirt, cropped jeans shorts and flat shoes were given the option of Paloma Bernardi to travel in greater comfort.

eliana airportAgnews

To get comfortable on the plane, the hostess Eliana invested in a sophisticated look of molinha pants and blouse that does not push or causes discomfort.

izabel goulartAgnews

modern jeans and shirt were wide and the pieces chosen by the model Izabel Goulart when traveling. The highlight is the low shoe, stylish. Wear heels during the flight for a long time can make your feet swell.

deborah secco airportAgnews

In addition to basic jeans, Deborah Secco chose a soltinha mesh that does not shake and avoids the chill inside the plane.

ana hickmann aerorportoAgnews

Again, low shoe without heels, shown as mandatory for those who want to travel in comfort. Ana Hickmann also scooped the basic look of jeans with a touch of sophistication of casual cardigan.

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