Sex: 7 crazy with it


There comes a time where madness falls well: make the heart race, banishes routine master bedroom and renewed sexual energy. Thinking about it, we talked to seven readers of the Bolsa de Mulher who told the follies that have committed in bed, on the bus, in the car or even at the office bathroom. Before leaving for a crazy sex, binds in our crazy tips so that at the end of the crazy things you sound out and saved.


According to sexologist Glene Rodrigues, that the vision would be crazy in bed varies from person to person. "A sexual madness is what each person considers something beyond their educational, religious, social boundaries. That is, individual"She explains, adding that, in his office, the most commented follies involve fantasies with erotic clothing and accessories, having sex in public places, threesomes and swapping.

Before making a folly, it is advisable to think twice not to regret later. "It is good to consider, because the imagination everything is perfect, wonderful and has a happy ending. The embodiment may be different"Says Dr. Glene, noting that in real life we ​​deal with the consequences of all our actions. "The most important is to check whether the couple is in agreement, whether madness is not physically and psychologically assaulting someone or yourself", ends.


INTERSTATE SEX: The user of the social Jeh-rock Bolsa de Mulher network committed crazy with her boyfriend during a bus trip. "In the middle of the night hit him hard and a mad desire to make love. There was even there, the crowded bus!"Says she, who did all without noise and even without moving too much not to attract glances. "It was a delight, experience positions not know existed"He recalls.


BAG TIP: To be all right, choose a seat away from the driver and wait for the other sleeping passengers, if tuck under the deck and keep quiet!


TIP OF THE BAG: In times of internet, great care is so that pictures do not fall on the network. If you do not want to throw away later, save the photos in a location of your confidence. Do not give any photo to him - he may not have the same care that you, being robbed, losing your computer or even want revenge if one day you finish. In the photos, what about using a sensual mask or cover tattoos that identify you?


THE STEERING WHEEL: Madalena, user purse, goes crazy in the car. "My husband loves me to be groping him while driving. Ggozamos several times on roads that did not have much movement", reveals.


TIP OF THE BAG: If you're in town, do not pass close to bus - as they are higher, the view is privileged. In any situation, take it easy or madness could end up in an accident. In addition to condom use seat belts!


WITHOUT CALCINHA: You do something crazy tonight? How about leaving without panties? The user Lice purse loved the idea. "I invited a guy to leave. When I entered the car, I did everything for him to spend his hand on my leg. When he realized it all started even before we get to the motel ... It was wonderful!"She recalls.


BAG TIP: Take a pair of panties in the bag. At some point, you may need!


BAG TIP: Choose a sensual music, leave the room to the half light and take off your clothes slowly, rubbing the body. Follow your instinct and make all your little way, is more reserved or more hissing - she will love, because love you. The worst that can happen is the two fall in laughter.


HOUSE OF SWING: After four years of marriage, the user Bel thought it was time to do something crazy with her husband. The chosen place was a swing from home. "I was a little nervous, but it was very exciting erotic sex in a place! We were just looking at each other without exchange. Certainly it improved further our sex life", ensures.

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