He is bi


You are super to the guy: he's cute, it has good chat, refined mood and, moreover, it seems 100% yours. There, in the middle of a conversation, you discover that he likes boys and girls - ie, is bisexual. You immediately think: "Hmm, what a delight, I get along" or "ai, what the hell, I'll drop off"?

"God forbid" It was the reaction of the journalist Caroline G., 30, so he knew that the hook up playing on both sides. "Just imagining him kissing and doing other things with a man feel nausea"Reveals the journalist, who could not leave with the new guy. It ensures that it is not prejudice. "I lost horny. In our society, woman with woman is better accepted, almost a fetish. But man to man is ugly to see, do not like"He admits, saying he would never feel safe next to a man who was bisexual.

In our culture it is difficult to conceptualize the idea that a person could want, without distinction, men and women

For some women find that the boy is bi does not mean hindrance. According to them, the relationship tends to be full of discoveries. Tatiana R. actress is 31 years old and has got several guys openly bisexual. "Love! They have an open mind and are great bed: sensitive, delicious", Says the producer, who was never dating one of them. "But would date, would not see any problem in it"She ensures that just does not advise trying something with a homosexual. "It has also rolled over and there was terrible. Was always missing something, you know? is not the beach it", reveals.

Neither there nor here

Faced with a new situation, the natural reaction is to feel the good old fear of the unknown. We do not know how to act, how to approach the subject. When he discovered that the boy was flirting was bi, fashion professional Denise O., 29, got a fright. "A friend assured me and I was silly. I started to pay more attention to what he was talking and realized that he had given several signs that I had missed. But I dared not touch it"She says, leaving the man free to speak if he wanted. "And he spoke. Subtly but he spoke. I chose not to say anything, did not know what to say, but my curiosity about it only increased", She says, it was not, but can not wait to stay. "I feel he has no locks on the bed, you like to experiment, to realize their desires and fantasies. This is all very attractive", Think.

According to the director of the Paulista Sexuality and Sexual Psychotherapist Institute, Oswaldo Rodrigues Jr., know that the potential partner is bisexual may be difficult to administer. "Think of the man as bisexual leads strong fashion, to consider the other homosexual. In our culture it is difficult to conceptualize the idea that a person could want, without distinction, men and women"Explains sexologist, remembering that we learn from childhood that there are only two categories - want men and women want. Therefore, there arises an immediate disbelief about this condition. "The world did not teach women what to do in this situation. Therefore, most seem to react moving away, since the betrayal with another man seems to be more sore"He says.

When women's interest persists even after the discovery of bisexuality, Dr. Oswaldo says she can believe it will be able to transform the bi in straight. "It can be called as one heroine who will be able to get this man is 'man'. On the other hand, it can also feel curious about how a man who has homosexual experiences reacts in bed. A presupposition is socially accepted that gay men are more 'sensitive'"Considers, adding that not always the curiosity remains as well as a beginning approach with some experience.

For sexologist, one of the difficulties in the relationship with a bisexual man is to manage jealousy. "The problems related to jealousy, infidelity and betrayal more
that duplicate. After all, men use the same bathrooms, the same locker. If the relationship is based on loyalty, man is arranging to stop being bisexual, it is predisposing to be exclusively heterosexual. This is feasible, although this is not so common", ends.

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