4 benefits of green banana biomass to bet on food

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THE Green Banana biomass It has become an increasingly valued by the various food beneficial health properties. Prepared from the fruit before maturing, the cream can be the basis for various light recipes. Find out what are some of the main benefits of this food.

What is the biomass of green banana?

Helps you lose weight

The biomass of green banana lose weight to be a great source of fiber, which, in addition to helping regulate gut, accelerates the release of toxins and body fat. Moreover, the food prolongs the feeling of satiety and inhibits fat absorption.

Vitamin source

Food is also beneficial to the body to provide some essential nutrients and vitamins for the proper functioning of various body functions. Rich in vitamins A and B-complex, the biomass is also a source of phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

Improved gut

The part of the diet biomass of probiotics serves as food for these beneficial microorganisms in the gut. So in addition to help maintain healthy flora and intestinal mucosa, biomass enhances nutrient absorption and helps to regulate the functioning of the organ.

Food for those with restrictions

For those with dietary restrictions such as intolerances and food allergies or diabetes biomass it is often a food indication. In addition to reducing the absorption and fat and sugar, it is free of lactose and gluten traces, for example.

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