“The Law of Love”: 4 characters will be missing from the novel of 21h. Learn why

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THE soap opera "The Law of Love" It is a hit in the globe, but will have to wipe the cast. To prevent the central story is lost with the supporting cast, the authors Maria Adelaide Amaral and Vincent Villari decided to cut some characters for now, which may or may not return in subsequent chapters.

Who will leave "The Law of Love"?

According to the newspaper Extra, the characters are spaced Venturini (Otávio Augusto), Vinh (Maurício Machado) Xanaia (Bella Piero) and Aline (Arianne Botelho). Currently, they are already following different paths in the novel.

Aline, for example, ran away from home after picking up the father, Misael (Tuca Andrada) when it was caught in their piglets. Already Venturini, although asked to hand Luciane (Grazi Massafera) in marriage, is still in jail, which leaves away from the spotlight.

The strategy does not leave the actors officially out of the novel, but the characters will not have much relevance, until further notice.

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