5 Simple Tips to have soft lips and perfect

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The lips are on the list of elements that help to express femininity and female sexuality. However, more than receiving a lipstick to finish the make, lips need care.

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"In times of extreme heat as winter and summer, lips end up dry and it takes moisturizes them"Explains Camila Gutnik, style consultant and makeup artist of Gutnik's Beauty Space, Rio de Janeiro.

Major errors in time to take care of the lips

According to expert, a common mistake that women make when lips are dry is to pass the language to moisten them. "This gives a sense of momentary relief, but the acidity of saliva ends up leaving the area even more sensitive"He adds. Also according to the consultant, put lipstick over the chapped lips to try to hide the drying effects does not work.

quick homemade scrub

If the lips are dry, the tip of the expert is to make a kind of gentle exfoliation before applying lipstick. "Just spend a soft toothbrush or a washcloth soaked in warm water to wet lips in a circular motion. This removes the skin is loose and prevents the lipstick stay ugly"Teaches.

How to have perfect lips

The expert lists five simple tips to be always perfect and soft lips. See the photo gallery:

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Hydrants lipsticks with sunscreen to help protect and moisturize lips, and step up the make

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Thin cucumber slices can also be used to care for lips. They help reduce dryness and irritation

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Use lip balms with shea butter or cocoa to ensure soft lips

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Make homemade exfoliating weekly is also important. A mixture of one part sugar to two of honey is one. Just apply the lips with gentle circular motions, wait a few minutes to act and rinse.

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Consuming foods with vitamin A and D, as the egg, which avoid the appearance of cracks in the skin.

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