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Gone is the time when party makeup junina It was to spend a granny lipstick, blot the face with kilos of pink blush, make imitation freckles with eyeliner and to perfect in colorful shimmering shade.

With the stingrays increasingly sophisticated over Brazil - and curse rolling loose among the rednecks - the hair productions, makeup and clothing are also gaining one up.

Now worth the same tips to makes and social hairstyles, but without forgetting, of course, that fantasy footprint that characterizes the June festivities. The rule? Have a good time! So worth the supercoloridas shadows and strong lipsticks, but applied with the same technique that you use before playing ballads.

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The make up artist Spararott Cicero, Walter's Copacabana unit in Rio, recommended a very nice look: after correcting the skin, pass light beige shadow across the eyelid to brighten the look. Apply another shade, the red (or orange), from the lash line to the concave. For dark-skinned girls, these tones are beautiful. Then esfume brown shadow in the corners, making a "W" From the outside in.

Finish with black pencil in the tear line and enough mascara. Grace is now: highlighting the cheeks with well marked color pink blush, to give the doll effect. Lipstick, of course, enough to cause: red! "Although the make be produced, grace here is not be afraid to exaggerate, after all, the person will be in costume"Reinforces the expert.

Andrea Gomes, also of Walter's, is who gives the hairstyles tips. "If your hair is short, it's cool create curls or curl. The curling iron makes the most stripped visual and prevents the wires become espichados the damp winter nights"Suggests the technical coordinator. To compose, buy a very colorful tiara with ribbons or make a loop on top of the head. Importantly: the colors of makeup, clothes and satin ribbons must be harmonic.

For those who have the most long locks, Andrea has an infallible suggestion - Braids! It has hairstyle that matches more with Jerk? But out of the commonplace, the boss is to built. "After making a brush, divide the hair in half and pass two satin ribbons around the head, like a tiara. Divide each half into three parts. Make two plaits, one on each side, joining the satin ribbons with wires". There, one was born fashion hillbilly.

If even surrounded by quentão, hominy, popcorn, corn and coconut candy you still prefer to keep a more discreet line, the makeup artist Walter's, Cicero suggests applying a rosa clara shadow, glow, across the eyelid. To increase, esfume shadow dark brown, matte type, from the lash line to the concave. Enough mascara and black eyeliner help make the visual junino. The cheeks, the rule is one: very pink blush!

Check out the makeup tips and hairstyle for party junina step by step

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