How to Communicate Better: 7 valuable tips to speak effectively

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Communicate well, both in the workplace and personally, it is essential to establish a better relationship with the people who are around. However, not always the time to expose ideas or defend a point of view the desired effect.

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The researcher and political consultant Frank Luntz, responsible for training speeches of top political leaders and entrepreneurs of the world, teaches in his book "Words That Work: It's Not What You Say, It's What People Hear" ("Words That Work: It's Not What You Say, What is the People Listen"In a free translation) how to improve communication oral with simple habits.

How to Communicate Better

See the photo gallery seven expert tips published in the US magazine Time:

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easy words
Use simple words and speak in a straightforward manner is the first step in establishing an effective oral communication. The tip of the researcher is to make the difficult words aside because it can make the person understand a different message that you tried to pass.

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Short sentences
Also according to the specialist to get a message across quickly and efficiently ideally using short sentences, which function as slogans.

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For communication to be even more effective, it is necessary that the person pass confidence. Before talking about a subject, the ideal is that the person read about him. misinformation and the famous "runaround" They are easily perceived by the listener.

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Also according to Luntz, people often pay more attention when the message to be communicated is or sounds like something different.

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How to speak
The author also explains that the intensity as the message is transmitted is also important. The tip is to speak with a firm tone, but without sounding rude.

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According to the book's author, illustrate and contextualize what is being said also makes communication more effective.

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Luntz explains that in some cases, it use emotions to the caller identifies with the speech. However, he said, one must be careful not to overdo it and end up gaining the distrust of the beholder.

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