Hemorrhoids: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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Internal, located inside the rectum or outside around the anus, the hemorrhoids They are veins that inflame or dilate causing nuisance. Outdoor are visible and has an aspect of varicose blood or pellets, while internal exhibit more troublesome symptoms. According surgeon Silvio Gabor, at least half of those over 50 are affected by the growth of these veins and arteries.

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causes hemorrhoids

According to the doctor, the internal hemorrhoids It is generally associated with craving. "A fissure is a small wound in the lining of the anal canal which can be opened by the passage of faeces during defecation, which makes a painful condition subject to bleeding and itching"He explains. Pain is a sign that the piles contain blood clots.

In addition to the straining during bowel movements, other factors such as increased pressure on the blood vessels during pregnancy or genetic component. Diet low in fiber and low daily water intake also contribute to the appearance of this problem. Anal sex can also contribute to the onset of hemorrhoids.


Nuisance, pain and itching are among the symptoms of the problem / Credit: Thinkstock

"Besides the embarrassment, the patient with hemorrhoids are often bothered because it has the feeling that something is wrong all the time"Says the expert. Other symptoms include itching, bleeding and, in some cases, leakage of feces and mucus.


According to the surgeon, Hemorrhoids can be treated with ointments or pads that contain ingredients such as witch hazel or hydrocortisone which can relieve pain and itching. "But if hemorrhoids persistently bleed or are painful, they need to be removed"He adds.

In addition to the topical and local treatments, there is a procedure called Rubber band ligation, tans which consists of a vein supplying blood affected by a rubber band. Sclerotherapy (injection of a chemical solution), and laser photocoagulation (using laser light or infrared light) are also techniques to decrease the flow of blood there. "Larger hemorrhoids may require surgery known as hemorrhoidectomy, which involves the removal of the affected tissues and vessels"Says the doctor.


adopt a high fiber diet and water intake is the first tip to avoid the problem. "Women should eat 25 grams of soluble fiber per day, while men need 35 grams"Says Gabor. Respect the will of the toilet also helps to avoid the problem.

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