home beauty tricks of the famous who give supercerto

famous homemade beauty tricksAgnews / Getty Images

Outside the bizarre treatments that celebrities do to become more beautiful and expensive procedures to take care of the body and skin, the famous know that the old tricks "Grandma" also they work very well and therefore do not give up them.

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While some are common and known, like the use of Bepantol to hydrate parched skin areas, others are unusual and quite ingenious. However, all are easy to make and superbaratinhos.

See what are the secrets that help famous to keep hair, skin, teeth and nails clean:

beauty trick fernanda limaAgnews

Fernanda Lima

The secret of the model and presenter to always be beautiful is to maintain the tan. 'It has to sunbathe, get the colored skin, "he said. Another tip is famous not carry on make time. 'Use mascara, eyelash curler, but not too much makeup.'

beauty trick giovanna lancellottiAgnews

Giovanna Lancellotti

To hydrate the hair, the actress apply treatment mask during the sauna and leave to act for 20 minutes. This ensures that the product penetrates better in the end.

cameron diaz beauty trickGetty Images

Cameron Diaz

The actress warrant to take a brunch improves the appearance of skin. In addition to help you think better in the morning, the main meal of the day still leaves your skin illuminated. "My makeup artist Do not touch my face as I do not eat. Because as soon as I feed my skin changes and can hold the makeup ', he told in his book,' The Body Book '.

beauty trick ellen jabourAgnews

Ellen Jabour

In addition to avoid using base that believes very dry skin and aging, the model and presenter apply ice cubes in the face to clean the skin, tighten pores and provide greater durability to make. 'Especially after the time of Carnival, when the skin is all intoxicated and pores are superabertos, you go ice with a washcloth and it closes every pore "he says.

trick beauty marina ruy barbosaAgnews

Marina Ruy Barbosa

To prevent the wires burn in the sun, the actress applies capillary guard always going to the beach. In addition, often use Argan Oil to repair and moisturize the ends. In the skin, does not cease to apply thermal water and sunscreen.

trick beauty ellen rocheAgnews

Ellen Roche

'In the bath, I change the conditioner through the mask. It helps to leave hair more hydrated, "he says.

trick beauty adriana santannaAgnews

Ex-BBB Adriana Sant'Anna

According to her, bury his face in ice combat dark circles. 'Lets superviva skin, diminishes dark circles and still leaves me superdisposta!' He said.

trick beauty gabriela duarteAgnews

Gabriela Duarte

Organic and natural products are the bet of the actress, 40, not to harm the skin.

beauty trick gianne albertoniAgnews

Gianne Albertoni

The actress and model ensures that the use of sunscreen is the key to radiant skin. 'Every woman has to see which is more suitable for your skin, but all must use' he said.

beauty trick giselle batistaAgnews

Giselle Batista

When the nails begin to flake off, the actress applies Bepantol on them, in addition to using the ointment also to hydrate parched other parts of the body.

trick beauty isis valverdeAgnews

Ísis Valverde

When you return from the beach, the actress moisturizes the wired cream treatment. In addition, it only takes sun with hat to protect your hair and face. To tame the rebels morning wires, Isis has two alternatives: either make a London Coke, who is right at the top of his head and leaves the modern look, or play all the wires forward to add volume, apply spray to comb and out with your hair.

trick beauty gwyneth paltrowGetty Images

Gwyneth Paltrow

In an interview with E !, the actress said she makes gargling with coconut oil almost daily to whiten your teeth. 'When I can, I rinse with coconut oil for 20 minutes and really makes much effect, because as well as being great for my oral health, my teeth look good whiter' he said.

trick beauty isabeli fontanaAgnews

Isabeli Fontana

When washing hair, model and presenter, who has oily wires, passes the shampoo three times. Another Isabeli beauty trick is to make homemade exfoliating once a week. 'Shoot the makeup before bed every day, but always ends up getting some residue. So I like to exfoliate 'he says.

beauty trick leticia santiagoAgnews

Former BBB Letícia Santiago

Instead of applying oil repairing the tips after drying wires, it uses the product in the still damp hair and said notice the difference in hydration. Moreover, Leticia Bepantol passes in the eye area every night to avoid dehydration caused by daily exposure to the sun.

trick beauty luciana gimenezAgnews

Luciana Gimenez

The presenter usually dip the freshly painted nails in cold water with ice for the glaze to dry more quickly.

Marian beauty trick WeickertAgnews

Mariana Weickert

'My hair is very smooth and heavy, so it tends to stick to the very root, and I like it more bulky. The trick I use is to put the shampoo in a little pot and diluted in a little water before applying the hair. I felt quite difference after I do that, because the root is not as stuck ', ensures the model and presenter. "If you apply the shampoo directly, the hair bulbs become clogged by vitamins and serums present in the product itself ', he adds.

trick black beauty liAgnews

Negra Li

By having curly hair, the singer does not have the habit of washing the wires daily. So, the next day to wash, she usually use dry shampoo to loosen the curls smashed during sleep and also revive the hair. The product also ensures a pleasant scent to the locks.

trick beauty patricia maldonadoAgnews

Patrícia Maldonado

To hide the gray hair (she says it in large quantities), the host uses two types of coloring to dye the hair: one for the root, the natural color of the wires, and one for the blonde locks in length.

trick raica oliveira beautyAgnews

Raica Oliveira

The model said that sleep well and drink plenty of water are the key habits for those who wants to look pretty.

trick beauty Renata kings mendesPlayback / Studio Xis

Miss World Amazonas, Renata Reis Mendes

To hydrate the hair, the model uses avocado beaten with honey or mineral oil. 'It is great for those who do not have much money to spend on expensive products, "he says. In the skin, the trick is to use a cold spoon to soften dark circles. 'You must be very careful to not stick. Freeze the spoon, take a time, I put on dark circles and that's okay. '

beauty trick wanessaAgnews


Ampoules thermal treatment and the cap are singer's home ritual to protect the wires. In the skin, Wanessa enjoy playing mineral water after cleaning the end of the day. 'It makes a difference', he says.

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