Size Really Matter? These countries are the most gifted of the world

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They say that in reality, the boat size does not matter. What matters is how the captain sails. But there is no denying that the member of the proportions are much discussed there.

Now, you know that men are countries with larger penis of the world? It is believed that those of African ethnicity or African descent have the highest members. Check out the following list:

Size of the penis in the world

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# 5 Nigeria: 17 cm

# 4 Ghana: 17.31 cm

# 3 Republic of Congo: 17.33 cm

#2 Ecuador: 17.77 cm

# 1 Democratic Republic of Congo: 17.93 cm

Regarding the thickness, from the measurement of the circumference, the five winning countries are:

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# 5 Australia: 13.22 cm

# 4 Denmark: 13.26 cm

# 3 Nigeria: 13.40 cm

# 2 Netherlands: 13.55 cm

# 1 France: 13.63 cm

Among the nations with smaller penis, Asian occupy the top. Look:

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# 5 India: 10.24 cm

# 4 Thailand: 10.16 cm

# 3 Cambodia: 10.04 cm

# 2 North Korea: 9.66 cm

# 1 South Korea: 9.66 cm

Brazilian penis

The Brazil was not among the first, but has an average size of 15.7 cm and 12.99 cm in relation to the size of the circle.

The map with data from scientific research on the penis (including volume and the method by world can be seen here.

Science replies: There is a relationship between the size of the penis and palms?

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