thermal cap is useful?


The thermal cap can be an ally in the hydration that you do at home. It enhances the absorption of the product used in the wires, causing it to act more intensely. But you need to take care of some issues.

First, know that there are various types of caps. Metallised also laminated calls or thermal blanket, which do not use electricity. The heat of the head is enough to stimulate hydration. Since the electric mimics the capillary oven apparatus used by hairdressers. The extra heat that the electric cap provides reinforces the role of active hair.

If you choose the electric cap is necessary to pay attention to some precautions:

- Generally they are not dual voltage. Check voltage (110v or 220v)
- Analysis plastic cap structure has to ensure that no tearing or damage. If so, it must be discarded.
- When you use it, do not get close to the water.
- Do not use objects with points to hold the hair because they can pierce the cap.
- The maximum time with electric thermal cap is 3-5 minutes to prove not burn the wires. If you opt for the traditional caps usage time is 15-45 minutes.
- If you have the hair straightened, electric thermal cap should not be used because the hair is already sensitive to the smoothing chemistry.
- Put a simple cap before thermal avoids the contact of the product of the hair with thermal cap to avoid damaging it.

Tip: Today there are products that require the use of the cap, they take effect without the thermal action and in a few minutes. They are usually formulated with vitamins that promote the elasticity of the yarns and glycerine, silicones and fatty acids which give the hair softness. Use the cap will only help to enhance the effect of hydration, but if you do not have one at home should not fail to give special treatment to the locks.

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