4 reasons why the series of Chandler, “Friends”, did not have any success

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After "Friends" ended in 2004, each of the protagonists followed a path. While some stood out - as the actress Jennifer Aniston, who is one of the highest paid Hollywood today -, others had much more difficulty stabilizing the race after the unparalleled success of the sitcom. It is precisely the case of Matthew Perry, the unforgettable Chandler, who just had (another) canceled series.

The series "The Odd Couple," starring Perry, has just been canceled in its third season, but this is not the first time this happens: This is the fourth work of the actor who ends up ahead of time. But why? We list four reasons why the series Matthew Perry not emplacaram.

Why Chandler series do not make success

# 1 Do you remember the series it?

Probably not. Despite already collect work on television, it's hard to remember Perry in some other role than that of Chandler. Soon after "Friends" actor entered "Studio 60 on the Sunset Trip", which tells the stories behind the scenes of a comedy show. This is perhaps the most remembered work of the actor - and this may just be a big reason why the other series were not forward.

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Chandler # 2 Repetition of formula

When a product is very successful, it is common that the formula is repeated to exhaustion after, but not always it works. "Go On" (which was made by a producer of "Friends"), Matthew plays practically a new version of Chandler. Despite the story, of course, different, the feeling is that we are seeing the same character.

# 3 Lack of group

The success of "Friends" is due more to the functioning of the group actors than to individual performances. It was just the chemistry and the rapport between them that set the sitcom of other productions of the time. So much so that the series in which they have been separately then were not so expressive. Not only Chandler, but Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Monica (Courteney Cox) also starred in productions that had good median income.

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# 4 x supporting Protagonist

Perhaps Matthew Perry works much better as a supporting character than as the lead role. In "Friends", it worked: share the screen with other characters helping the character to stand on. What does not happen when he's alone in the center. An example is the super praised his performance in "The Good Wife": his portrayal of evil lawyer Mike Kresteva was so good that even yielded a series of spin-off.

All about "friends"

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