How to make paper bags

How to make paper bags

A simple craft paper that will help you in time to make gifts. Here's how to make your own paper bags and bump this Christmas with gifts. If you enjoy doing things with their own hands, do not miss the step-by-step this new crafts for Christmas, beautiful and simple!


two tapes

Step by step:

Download the template for the paper bags this link. This mold is a 11cm x 8cm x 3cm. It is made to an A4 sheet. Anyway, you can scale the image to a larger bag, or less, according to his need.

After printing the bag on the paper you have chosen, cut it carefully. Mark gently the marks of the back, to be able to bend it easily. Fold and glue tabs.

Then take over the tab on the side, and you will already shaping his bag.

Cole the base of the bag and fold the flaps. Seat folds down the bag, pressing the edges together, so the paper will inside.

Using the drill, drill two holes on each side of the bag, the upper extremes. Cut two strips and pass by the bag holes, to thereby have the straps. Tie the ends of the ribbons to hold them and his bag for gifts will be ready!

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