What women hate sex

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By the time the weather heats up and beats that uncontrollable desire, there are few things that can ruin the moment. But believe me: can happen. The factors that lead a man or a woman broxar It is very subjective, after all, is not discussed sexual preference. However, it is possible to identify some common ground.

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For men, a lot of talk during sex and lack of delivery to the moment are, according to them, some of the factors that discourage the hour H.

For women, although the excitement greatly depend on the emotional state and other factors variants, being with a drunken partner with someone who does not pay due attention to them pleasure or a man without a care with hygiene own are among the main reasons that lead to lose horny.

Factors that may broxar women

If the man wants to go straight to the "finalmentes", Women may be discouraged (Thinkstock)

Men aggressive and hasty

Of course, this depends largely on the spur of the moment and sometimes she just really wants a wild quickie. But in other cases, excessive brutality and speed of partners, often inspired by the unrealistic porn movies, can prevent the woman reaches the level of excitement needed to enjoy sex and achieve orgasm. It is important to remember that most women take longer than men to get in the mood and stay "bullet point"And, for this, preliminary well done are the best allies.

Poor hygiene or education

Some girls do not care, but most of them think disgusting when the guy breaks wind or belching in bed. Another thing that causes them to lose the horny is lack of cleanliness - especially at the time of oral sex. Bad breath can also bother.

old underwear and a half from sex

The vision is an important sense in time of sex. No wonder that the motels explore this fetish spreading mirrors the ceiling and walls. So, for some people, come across an unattractive underwear or notice that the partner is wearing socks while the notes during sex is discouraging.

After drinking

There are couples who go out drinking together, animate and have a night of incredible love. However, when only one of them is "joyful", Sex can end up being very bad for the sober part. Besides the alcoholic beverage on his breath (which no one deserves), depending on the level of drunkenness, man can lose track of their strength, or performing poorly. Furthermore, laziness and slowed thinking, typical consequences, hinder only.

How to avoid

To make sure that your actions will not broxar your partner, there is only one way out: the conversation. Ask her if there is anything specific that bother her during sex and find out what should be avoided and what should be stimulated. Do the same and reveal their preferences. So everyone wins.

Check out the gallery positions that are more pleasurable for them:

kama sutra position race penisArt / Bolsa de Mulher

The Dick Rush

The man lies on his back and flexing the knees, bringing them towards the chest. Her legs are in shape of a "V" lying where the woman fits. She should stay crouched, with toes resting on the floor (or bed) and the body tilted slightly forward. The woman makes movements up and down.

kama sutra position crabArt / Bolsa de Mulher


Lying on her back, the woman shrinks the legs, which must remain apart. Sitting on his knees, the man fits in between her legs. This position allows a woman to tighten the vagina around the penis.

kama sutra position deep garanhaoArt / Bolsa de Mulher

stallion deep

The woman lies back and raise the legs, also raising the hip. The man, on his knees, penetrates. Her ankles should rest on his shoulders. This position allows deep penetration and maximum pleasure for both.

kama sutra position thigh keyArt / Bolsa de Mulher

thigh key

Belly up, the woman supports the shoulders on a surface. Lifting her hips, her press man (who is standing) between the legs, giving a "thigh key". The man can hold the butt of it to help us move.

kama sutra position inverted rideArt / Bolsa de Mulher

inverted ride

The man lies back and the woman rides on top, but with his back to him. This position is very pleasant for her, who can take control of movements.

kama sutra position lotus flowerArt / Bolsa de Mulher

Lotus flower

The man is in the lotus position and the woman sits on top of him, running her legs around his waist.

69 position KamasutraArt / Bolsa de Mulher


Both lie on their sides, facing each other, but with alternate heads, and make oral sex simultaneously. It can also be done with the man lying on his back and the woman on top, face down.

kama sutra position nirvanaArt / Bolsa de Mulher


It is equal to Mom and Dad position, with the difference that the woman keeps her legs closed and man positions the thighs out of it. It is very pleasant to humans.

kama sutra position the AmazonArt / Bolsa de Mulher

The Amazon

He sits in a chair and she sits over him, enveloping him with her legs and propping his feet on the ground. It controls the movements.

kama sutra position scissorsArt / Bolsa de Mulher


The woman lies on her back and the man stands in front of her, standing. She raises her legs, he holds his ankles and crosses and uncrosses her legs, making the movement of scissors while penetrating.

kama sutra position open sideArt / Bolsa de Mulher

Open side

The woman lies on her side and the man stands behind it. He takes his knee between hers as she opens one leg, supporting the foot next to his buttocks. The man, who is part of stomach, should support their hands on the bed and control the penetration.

kama sutra position backArt / Bolsa de Mulher


The man lies on his back and flexing the knees. The woman lies on top of her stomach and the feet to the side of his head, so that your hips are in the same height. Your hands should be resting on the bed and his arms and legs stretched. Both can control the movements of penetration.

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