aggressive sex

2004 08 2817Pacha Urbano

Will understand man's head ... That inner space that lies between the ears is definitely, for women, a mystery - a virtual black hole. After all, what is the explanation for berrarem done some crazy with the TV, if the legs of nerve their team are leagues away? Why the obsession with the remote control? How can they be so callous with us in those days? Why the hell do not lower the board of the toilet ?! These issues still remain unexplained, expensive readers. But others, such as controversial, can now be answered, and better for themselves. Discover then what men think about: AGGRESSIVE SEX.

Paulinho, 29, professor of jiu-jitsu: "I do not usually do this. Think of shyness, I'm afraid to try something and the girl did not like. So just knock if she asks. Still very lightly. I've heard stories from friends who have just not right: the girl had the classic 'hits that neither man', he hit and the girl went out on time!"

Gustavo, 32, engineer: "Do not hit girlfriend, I think it has nothing to do. Only when I go out with any girl, we drink a little and even rolls. But nothing too aggressive, horse type, you know? She is back, pull by the hair and give a popped tapas. That's cool."

Daniel, 26, economist: "Me has no bad weather, pricked the ass, I meto his hand to let my five fingers marked. My girlfriend loves and then comes across fragile ask nurturing the hurt that I did. Here I give a kiss and goes. I not yet knocked on her face, but I feel that day is coming ... And it will be a turn-on!"

John, 24, designer: "I love to pull hair, so like women with long hair. Just take a shrewd pulled by the neck and scalp. Those who like just ask ... Tapa too, but only if the woman ask and ask several. It never happened in any fight back, but would not enjoy it, do not. Do not like being dominated, I prefer to dominate."

Tadeu, 35, lawyer: "Look, for me whatever. Do not I get more horny beating, but if a woman likes and asks, I do. Even funny ... In the middle of the stop, the woman asks for 'yummy beat'. It's not funny ?! But if it is for her to feel more horny ..."

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