Deborah Secco was mother after condom boring: what are the chances of that happening?

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Condoms have two important functions: to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and prevent pregnancy. The male condom has 97% efficiency, ie, only 3% of cases there is the risk of breaking the material and allow the passage of sperm. So it's very difficult to get pregnant when it is used properly - but not impossible.

It was precisely because of failure of this contraceptive method that Deborh Secco actress became pregnant, as recently revealed in an interview with Glamor magazine.

unplanned pregnancy

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Deborah got pregnant just a month after taking flirtation with Bahia surfer Hugo Moura. With dating even earlier, the actress realized she had not yet plans to become pregnant. She even was recording the Secret Truths novel when he discovered the pregnancy and had to leave the cast.

The actress said that the time was not taking birth control because it wanted to freeze their eggs. "I stopped taking the pill to freeze my eggs because all my friends were having difficulty getting pregnant, and the doctor said that the ideal was to freeze with 35. To do the procedure, I had to stay for six months without contraception", He said in the interview.

Without the birth, she continued to use condoms in their sexual relations, but an unexpected changed his plans. "Because of a bored condom, Maria Flor was born", remembered.

How to prevent the condom from sticking?

how to put a condom condomMichael Luhrenberg / iStockHomem analyzes condom before putting it

For it does not, it is important to take some precautions and use a condom the right way to avoid the most common mistakes. Here's how to have safe sex:

Check the expiration date

You may not know, but condoms have an expiration date and must be respected. After wins, the material becomes more susceptible to breakage. Be sure to check this information on the package before using it.

Open the package with your hands and look holes

condom saved pocketvadimguzhva / istockO ideal is to avoid storing condoms in your pockets or purse

Many people open the packaging of the condom with teeth, but this is wrong. By doing this, you can end up ruining the condom without even realizing it. Always choose to open with both hands and carefully.

After that, with the rolled condom, take a look to see if you find any hole. It is also important to avoid storing the condom in your wallet or pocket because the constant handling and excessive heat can damage it.

How to put a condom?

The condom may not be rolled out of the penis for two reasons: it makes it difficult to place and facilitates the entry of air and thus increases the risk of rupture during intercourse.

By placing the condom, it is important to press the tip to take the air in this area, continue to hold while unfolding the condom to the base of the penis and then drop. According to the gynecologist and obstetrician Karina Zulli this off at the end which is responsible for decreasing the risk of rupture.

Condom is right side

HIV hydrogel condomsPlayback / Daily Mail /

"If the condom is placed on the wrong side, it will be easy to see because the person will have trouble making the bearing to the base of the penis"Explains the gynecologist. When this happens, discard the condom and put another.

Never use two condoms together

The technique does not increase the effectiveness, quite the contrary: in addition to unnecessary, put a condom on the other is also dangerous because they will be very fair and this increases the chance of tearing.

The penis should be taken still erect inside the vagina

condom package open with his handsKatarzynaBialasiewiczNunca teeth to open the condom package

It is wise to take penis into the vagina with it still erect, shortly after ejaculation. "If there is loss of post-ejaculation erection and man still in intravaginal penetration, when taking the penis, the condom remain inside the vagina"Explains the gynecologist.

When this happens, the semen can come into contact with the inside of the vagina and place the design.

Put the condom from the beginning of the relationship

It is important to put the condom so that the penis stand erect and not only just before ejaculation. The gynecologist explains that only a lubricating drop the penis can now contain up to one million sperm. Despite the possibility of fertilization in this way is small, it is important to prevent.

Use the correct condom

condom before starting a relationshipIPGGutenbergUKLtd / iStockCamisinha should not be placed just before ejaculating

The condom has to be adapted to the size and thickness of the penis. She can not stand or large, because it runs the risk of slipping, not just because there may burst during intercourse.

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