30 crisis


Looking at human history, we can say without a stretch, to reach the age of 30 is already a victory. Yes, because the hormonal hardships of adolescence were due, stage of madness the twenties, when the prospects for life change every exchange of panties, and even the first traces of sagging and cellulite, which emerged without implying directly folded sessions therapy. But, as much as she strives to feel like a winner, women - and men too - 30 years has just faced with a disturbing fact: the game has may even have started, but only from the points now They begin to be counted. So opens the scoring of the crisis of 30, a drama that plagues many people, but that if lived with balance, can become the kickoff of a true and definitive conquest.

A good example is Tatiana Vargas, architect, 37 years. Exactly ten, she began to experience strange symptoms, winds denouncing the weather would turn soon enough. "The crisis of the 30 is a kind of TPM that lasts about three years. And it seems that the world conspires against until detergent commercial makes you rethink your life"She recalls. The height of his crisis was at 31, when Tatiana finished a six-year marriage and decided to continue its "self analysis" dividing bed and toothbrush with a big guy ten years younger. "It was a brave decision, but very well thought out. In fact, while deciding what to make of my marriage, I had the first serious contact with my maturity. I was very happy at this stage", account. However, the exchange of pillows did not mean the end of the internal turmoil in the architect's life. "I wondered if I was not accepting my new age, if it was not a desire to get back my youth for my new boyfriend. But I decided to leave these neuroses aside and enjoy the life I had chosen"She says. Finally, Tatiana confesses that what most tormented was the feeling that, after facing the counter, any mistake could be fatal. "It gives very afraid because the feeling is that things are more definitive. But, if we do not afford to get it wrong, whatever that age is, let's not even get out of bed in the morning"Reflects it.

The key question that governs the soundtrack of this troubled arrival at the portal of balzaquianas could not be simpler and more complex: "what the hell I'm doing with my life?". More than enough to twist any head inside out, this dangerous little question know, as few, be painful. Especially if the starting 30 is also the deadline for completion. "When I arrived at this stage, I stopped and asked me what I had done in concrete. I found nothing. I had my little life, my valentine, my office. But there's a lot that we plan to win there and can not"Confesses the dentist Cristiane Pinho. "In addition, I was afraid to stay face, turning an old, to accommodate me that doldrums. Today, however, Cristiane, 35, back to the question that took him sleep for a few nights and find other answers. "I realized that just went well for this crisis because we already had some knowledge of life and some maturity. Things I had gained over the years, but until then, had not realized"She concludes. "This just does not help much when it began to appear crow's foot, tire. And you complain and everyone calls you hysterical, exaggerated. Just makes you even more possessed"Protests.

The designer Amanda Oliveira is another who also complains about the lack of sensitivity that mirror, at such times, is far from a good friend. "There is this story that at 30 is still full, the skin're beautiful, that the ass does not fall. Falls even lose freshness", ensures. It was for these and others that the teacher Luciana Soares preferred the much more comprehensive company of creams and lotions. "I'm in the middle of the crisis of 30 and have realized that it turned me into a crazy person for creams. I have all the anti-wrinkle you can imagine in my bathroom", account. "I do not know if, with this, I'm making up, but really this stage let us poorest"It recognizes Luciana, who eventually found it the coolest side of the 30 crisis. "I am closer to my friends than ever. Perhaps because we are all going through the same problems, we are very close, no one leaves no ball wither"She says.

The crisis of 30, however, is no bug-seven-heads. On the contrary, it should be seen as a pincher, one thin and tiny dog, a bully, but that with a simple pass out, collects his angry personality to his physical insignificance. "It can manifest itself in many ways. Some become depressed, others change jobs or take on new responsibilities. But all this is the result of a thorough self-assessment", Down to Adelaide psychotherapist Maria Ferraz. According to her, the crisis of 30 years is the first initiation rite into adulthood. It is from there that begins the real process of self and begin to take us more seriously. "It is a collection period for a contribution to the world itself, only, of respect for individuality"He explains. So out entire hurricane, self-esteem is key. "It is important to have confidence in their ability and not be immobilized by doubts and excessive collection"Says Maria Adelaide. The result is wisdom, something fundamental to enjoy life that, after all, is just beginning.

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