How to make tastier coffee: right amount of powder, like pouring water and more

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Coffee begins to be seduced by the aroma. The smell, always tasty, is an irresistible invitation to taste a cup of drink. But in time to experience the feeling may be different. The coffee is easily watery, very strong or even surprise you with those restinhos powder nothing welcome in the cup bottom. To call the visit to come in and have a cup of coffee without embarrassment, follow the tips from nutritionist Ana Fanelli, nutritionist at the Casa Santa Luzia.

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The right measure: Use five to six tablespoons per liter of water according to your taste.

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Use filtered water: The water should be pure and clean, preferably filtered or mineral, since the tap water impurities may interfere with the flavor of the beverage.

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Water temperature: The water should be at a temperature of about 90 degrees Celsius, that is, remove from heat before it boils.

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The right way to pour water: First and moisten the powder in circular motion, pour the water. The passage of water through the filter should not exceed five minutes not to let the bitter coffee.

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The best colander: Opt for the paper version, because the cloth can retain moisture or mold.

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To leave longer warm: For a hot coffee, put the pot or thermos bottle in a container with boiling water just before making the coffee.

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Read the label: Some cafés can bear on the package preparation information from the producer himself, they help to extract the maximum flavor from coffee.

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store properly: The coffee powder should be stored in a dry, airy and in a closed pot that is not transparent. Sun and humidity can change its composition and its taste.

The creamy coffee recipe calls for instant coffee, sugar, cocoa or cocoa powder and a little milk. O secret to let the creamy coffee It is in preparation mode, which must churn. Although give a little work, the mixture can be made and frozen in a large amount and then make their everyday beverage quickly. See step by step creamy coffee recipe.

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