4 ways easy to clean burnt pot

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Either for lack of skill in the kitchen or small distractions, it is likely that you have already left some food burn while cooking. Although it is difficult to save the food after passing the point, it is possible to clean the pan and get it ready for the next attempt.

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How to clean burnt pot

Water and salt

If the situation is not so serious and the food is not so stuck, the best alternative is to clean the pan with water and salt. Make the most of stuck food and wash as normal, with detergent, sponge and hot water. Then cover the burned parts with clean hot water, add three tablespoons of salt and soak for 15 minutes. Then scrub with a brush. If there is still some stuck food, repeat the process.


White vinegar has many uses in household chores and also works for this case. If the fire pan is stainless steel you need to take care when scrubbing. Cover all burned parts with vinegar and put to boil for five minutes. Then let it cool and rub the residue gently with a soft sponge.


Cover the burnt bottom of the pot put in hot water and dishwashing detergent. Then cover the pan and simmer. When the water bubbling, turn off the heat, allow to cool and rub the food stuck with a brush or steel wool.

Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate is also combined cleaning and helps to save very burned pans. Sprinkle the product on the bottom of the sentence, add two tablespoons (soup) of water and boil. When the water bubbling, turn off heat, wait a few minutes and scrub with a steel wool.

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