Thong is bad for health? Gynecologist warns of risks

thong is bad for healthThinstock

THE thong type panties It is one of the parts considered more sexy clothes in the female wardrobe. However, it is good not to abuse: is that lingerie can put your health at risk, facilitate infection and increase the risk of diseases. "Wear thong every day It is dangerous because it can increase the risk of local wounds due to the friction with the fabric, and make breathing difficult skin and leave the most exposed vulva"Explains gynecologist Claudia Leitão.

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For those who already have tendency to develop hemorrhoids, the thong should also be avoided. This is because the pressure that causes the tissue due to the proximity to the anus may aggravate the disease.

thong is bad for health 3Thinstock

The panties of the fabric also increases the risk of disease?

thong is bad for health 2ThinstockSegundo gynecologist, yes. The more synthetic fiber is, the higher the risk of developing problems in the area. "For daily use, the ideal is to use more comfortable and cotton panties, which allow more breathing the intimate region"Explains Dr. Claudia.

On the other hand, the medical recomenta avoid underwear made of Lycra, microfiber, lace, silk or satin - these fabrics help to stifle the region and as you move can cause more friction with the skin. "Not to take risks, keep these only for special occasions", Points out the doctor.

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