Alinne Moraes abandons visual Diana and takes fuzzy line that rejuvenates: photos!

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Soon after living executive Diana on the novel of the seven "Rock Story", TV Globo, the actress Alinne Moraes decided to revamp the look.

She changed her hair on 31 July, with the hairstylist Silvio Giorgio, abandoning the long wires and peaked once.

The color of the hair, however, has not changed. Alinne continues blonde with darker apparent root, a modern and cool style.

New haircut Alinne Moraes

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The actress decided to invest in full bangs, which falls right on his face. More voluminous fringe chosen by actress is straight, with the elongate corners.

The hair strands were picked front and a span length was cut. Instagram, Alinne showed a little of the process and result.


The post shared by Alinne Moraes (@alinnemoraes) on July 31, 2017 at 5:19 pm PDT

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The straight bangs automatically rejuvenates and, in some cases, the effect is so exaggerated that infantilizes the look. In the case of Alinne, hair color and even the style of the actress modernize the cut.

Maintenance needs to be constant because the fringe grows a little bit, can disturb the look. excess products to keep the aligned wires can also leave oily forehead. A day is to invest in dry shampoo.

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