The brothers Juliana Xavier and Ricky Tavares speak of their work on Record

juliana the brothers Xavier and ricky tavares talk about their work in record

The actors Juliana Xavier and Ricky Tavares They have many things in common. Although many people do not know, the two are brothers, are hired by the issuing Record and prepare to start their next novels - she's in the cast of "Rebel" and he in "Lifes in game".

To prove that there is no rivalry between brothers, Julian and Ricky found the Digital Spy at the gym Rio Sport Center, in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio, to show how they are preparing the body for new productions. In "Lifes in game"Which opens in April, Ricky live young Wellington who dreams of being a football player. "It is a more dramatic character, dreams of being rich and will show feelings like anger and ambition for others"Says the young man.

Ricky shows some of his training routine to his sister (Photo: Roberto Teixeira Press-RT / Digital Spy)

Working out 2 years ago, Ricky had to step up training to live your new character. "Like my visual as it is now, with more ripped and defined abs. But I would stay the same as Jacob [the actor Taylor Lautner, Saga Twilight]"It reveals the actor, who was known for his participation in "Workout".

No less dedicated to Ricky, Juliana live an adopted daughter in his fifth work, which opens March 21 at 19h. "Beatriz does not exist in the original plot. She will face some prejudice by the younger brother and will talk about love and adoption. It is the first time I do something like this"She explains.

Juliana does acrobatic tissue classes to improve your body language (Photo: Roberto Teixeira Press-RT / Digital Spy)

Unlike his brother, Julian confesses that he does not like to work out, but it works your body language in other ways. "I make fabric classes acrobatic since mid-2010 and it helps a lot to get more movements. I could find an elasticity did not know I had. I think all doing theater should do this exercise", She points out, that during your workout put his brother to risk tissues. Without taking very good at the thing, Ricky even tried, but needed a lot of help to get some results.

Juliana and Professor Junior Ricky help in acrobatics (Photo: Roberto Teixeira Press-RT / Digital Spy)

The relationship between the two is so good that Ricky applicants have to pass the approval of Juliana. "She is very jealous, in all aspects. She keeps an eye on everything"Says Ricky. Supporting brother, Juliana fires: "I'm too jealous. He's my partner and I am in love with him. Sometimes it will buy bread and I want to go along, only to have his company".

The passion for the art of the two began without pretense. Juliana had never done theater when passed the test of his first role in "Bicho do Mato". Ricky already started theater classes to lose shyness when presenting schoolwork and soon came a vaguinha on TV. The brothers also have one seeks to help each other. "It's an exchange. The Ju helps me a lot, it gives intonation tips and teach me to better interpret the texts. Ricky explains. "He helped me to compose my new character"She adds.

Ricky and Ju friendship inside and outside the home (Photo: Roberto Teixeira Press-RT / Digital Spy)

The complicity between them comes from childhood. "The only time the rivalry we have is when we play video games. Ju hates to lose"He jokes. And the difference of four years old between Ricky and Julian is no problem. "When I was 10 I was doing judo with my brother and was stronger than he", Having fun Juliana, who is now 15 years.

To become close to each other, nothing better than working in the same station. "Good to know that she is in the studio right next to mine. We met at lunch"He says. Even without being able to give a lot of information about the plot, Juliana think "Rebel" It is a great bet. "There are many people twisting and many people think it will be a copy and so has the thing of the payment and the weight of the fans. But I'm sure we will exceed expectations", ends.

By Patricia Teixeira, the Digital Spy

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