Ginger with lemon lose weight: miraculous unity is chapar belly

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Join ginger with lemon It may be the trick that was missing in your diet. Believe me, this measure will be able to make you lose weight faster. That's because, while ginger is a natural thermogenic that accelerates fat burning, lemon is a berry detox powerful to cleanse the body and help you lose calories. In addition to these benefits, the miraculous mixture also kills cellulite and decreases swelling.

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"Associating with lemon ginger means having more flavor in a mixture rich in vitamin C, low in calories and antioxidant"Explains nutritionist Paula dos Santos Ribeiro, the portal Focus & Health, indicating consumption to anyone who seeks to lose weight, but especially those who suffer from obesity or have lost weight, but parked on the pointer of the scale - the so-called plateau effect.

Benefits of ginger and lemon

ginger - With anti-inflammatory power, ginger is famous secret to end cellulite, since the problem arises from inflammation of cells and these are tackled by Ginger. Its thermogenic feature speeds up metabolism and thereby accelerates the burning of calories and fat elimination. Bet this root helps the body to respond to the rapid weight loss.

Lemon - Among the main benefits of the fruit is the elimination of body fat, which can help you lose belly and stop unwanted tires. Lemon has very few calories and has a high concentration of vitamin C - nutrient that has antioxidant power and makes detox effect on the body, cleaning impurities that prevent or hinder weight loss. It is also important ally in the fight against the swelling, as well as strengthen the immune system and ward off colds and flu.

how to consume

According to nutritionist, there are three simple ways to consume ginger with lemon: In the form of tea, detox juice or salad dressing. The professional display is to bet these recipes at most three times a day, avoiding the consumption in the evening not to impair sleep. As this is contraindicated for pregnant women and persons suffering with gastritis, reflux or high pressure. Everyone involved in these groups should consult a physician before betting the mix of ingredients.

Ginger tea with lemon

Among the benefits of ginger tea with lemon, are the relief of symptoms such as cough and cold, in addition to weight loss and reduction of cellulite.

To prepare, light the fire a pan with the amount of water equivalent to a mug of tea. Let warm create tiny air bubbles before it boils. Once you get to this point, add a slice of ginger, with an approximate width of a finger. Let the hot water for about 5 minutes. Coe to take root and then squeeze the juice of a lemon in the water. Give preference to the consumption fasted morning.

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lemon juice with ginger

Prepare the lemon juice in the traditional way - can be as your own, beating the fruit in a blender or squeezing right into a glass of water. Then, add a portion of grated ginger - about 1 teaspoon. expert tip: Paula suggests adding cabbage leaves the mixture to enhance the effect detox drink, just hit along with the juice in a blender. It will also be better absorbed if consumed upon waking.

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Seasoning salads

Grate a handful of ginger and squeeze a lemon on top is the ideal choice to season the salad and slimming down of a super easy way. Just prepare the mixture, stir well and play above the plate in time to consume the leaves and vegetables.

ginger with lemon as consuming saladThinkstockTemperar salad with grated ginger and lemon squeezed helps to boost the diet