12 swearing never to repeat: they offend you more than the other person

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When someone closes his car in traffic or sticking your queue on public transport you have every right to be angry and at the time of anger, it is normal to talk a word. But what is the curse you say? Some of them offend you more than the person being the target of his anger. See what and stop using them today.

Swearing never to say

curse bad food

When you say that a woman is bad food, what you're really saying is that all she and the other women of the world need to be educated, friendly, empathetic and acquire all other necessary qualities to transform into humans perfect, or at least better, it is a good night of heterosexual sex.

Without realizing it, you eliminate all other possible important aspects of a woman's life and their influence on their position as their creation, their education, their education, their years of work, motherhood, family life, your friends , among others.

hysterical name calling

The word hysteria comes from hystera Greek, meaning uterus. This disorder is named because it was once common in women and therefore ended up being characterized as a disease originating from the uterus.

Over the ages, scholars, as the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and the neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot, have come to understand that hysterical symptoms - such as panic, paralysis and blindness - were common not only in women but in people who spent their suppressing lives their emotions and sexuality to fit into standards imposed by society.

Call a woman hysterical without a medical diagnosis, and wrong, rescues the history of women's sexual and emotional suffocation that both fought against and puts all of us again as repressed and immature human beings in these two aspects.

cursing mad

A boyfriend, or even your husband told you in a heated discussion "you are crazy" or "you are crazy"? Unfortunately it is common for men to use these expressions against women, the proof is that there is even a term, "gaslighting"To name a situation in which a person tries to distort the feelings of the other, making her believe, finally, that it is wrong.

In addition to characterize psychological manipulation and abuse, the term evokes the same as calling a hysterical woman, returning to the concept of "wandering womb"Plato's saying that the uterus was a living creature that roamed the woman's body and it could choke her.

bitch bitch curse cow 2Art / Bolsademulhe

These three curses are examples of a very common type of offense: one that uses the woman's sexual behavior to her inferior. The woman owns her body and the decision on the number of partners and it will have only her and not inferior in any way, be it high or low.

If we transport the same offense to the male universe, we see that call them stallions and holders are not really swearing.

Moreover, these terms are commonly used even when the situations that generate it has nothing to do with sexuality.

curse daughter bitch

Using these words is more a device to abash women from their social behavior and say that, so they are worthy of humiliation. However, here there is a twist: we are offending the person indirectly, even when this offense drove the men, the main target is a woman, his mother.

curse virgin santinha

Just as a large number of sexual partners - if there is in fact something considered a number and that number is not totally relative - should not be used to abash a woman.

fat ugly name-calling

These two terms are frequently used to reduce women based on their physical characteristics. They reflect a society that traces unattainable beauty standards and where thinness is commendable and excess weight is execrable.

Eating disorders affect about 70 million people around the world. According to studies, anorexia, a disease in which the woman is seen fat even being rail thin, is a psychiatric disorder that kills, and one in every five deaths is a suicide.

How about we stop contributing to the increase in these numbers?

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