oily face: 7 tricks to keep skin dry all day

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Forehead glistening, oily nose, chin and sliding are the main features that indicate when a person has oily skin. These three parts of the face form the T Zone, a region that suffers most from the oily buildup and becomes a real nightmare for those who have the problem. However, there are some tricks that, if put into practice, can leave the skin with sequinho aspect all day.

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Why the face is oily?

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According to dermatologist Dr. Mônica Aribi, genetic factors, climate, diet and even stress levels can influence the face of oil production. "The colder with low temperatures, the skin produces more oil in the defense of intention not to let dry out"Explains the professional Auraclara clinic in São Paulo, which states that very fatty foods, high levels of testosterone in the body and other concerns can also accentuate the problem.

Moreover, it is common to notice the face shining more and more as the day goes by. This is because the facial oiliness It tends to go increasing as the skin is exposed to external factors such as sun, cold, rain and air conditioning.

Taking facial oiliness: step by step

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Step 1: When you wake up, wash your face - First of all, wash your face. But beware: some believe that washing your face is the solution to remove the oil. But to do this many times a day increases the oiliness. "It's like our body understand that the facial skin is unprotected and produce oil to make a protective effect"Explains dermatologist Dr. Mônica Aribi. Ideally, the face is washed twice a day: on waking and before bed.

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Step 2: Clean the skin with specific wet wipes for face - These products are recommended for daily cleaning and can help remove any dirt from the skin.

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Step 3: Apply moisturizer mattifying - This is a type of moisturizer that promotes the closure of pores, leaving the skin balanced and neutralizing the formation of brightness. Apply daily before make-up, as a kind of primer.

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Step 4: Do not use makeup cream - Any product you use in makeup should not be cream texture. All very creamy makeup makes the skin more oily. While these products promise to last longer in the face, the price you pay is the increased skin oiliness.

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Step 5: Compact is essential - the time of make not only bet on the base or concealer. For those who have oily face, the compact is the friend number one, since it promotes the effect of drying the skin and leaves it without the brightness so characteristic of oiliness. Reapply throughout the day, whenever deemed necessary.

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Step 6: During the day, use scarves to take oiliness without removing makeup - This product is there to sell in pharmacies helps a lot to keep the skin dry during the day. He has power absorption that takes the oil without removing the face makeup. But this effect lasts little, is limited. So it is important to follow all the tips.

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Step 7: thermal water several times a day - Take her purse and spray on your face whenever you go to the bathroom. Medical Hint: After spraying the thermal water, dry with paper towel and reapply the mattifying moisturizer or compact.

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