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modeling massage fernanda souzaBolsa de Mulher / Playback

The actress Fernanda Souza He surprised his Instagram followers to post the picture of the result of a powerful modeling massage that made legs. THE difference between the before and after shocked fans, since the procedure and drained tuned thighs and calves of the actress instantly.

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The charge of the procedure is the beautician Nany Mota, hall MG Hair (São Paulo), the renowned hairdresser Marco Antonio Biaggi. As explained, the treatment is a set of manipulations and techniques she uses the entire body of the customer to drain the excess fluid, improve blood circulation, move the fat and shape the curves.

modeling massage fernanda souza 4Playback / InstagramFoto posted by Fernanda Souza: difference between the left leg (which received the massage) and right surprised

"The techniques will depend on the body and the client's goal. I do an evaluation before to set it. In the case of Fernanda, she needed to deflate, but does not have sagging skin, because quite mesh, and not cellulite"Explains Nany.

How massage

The procedure performed on the actress was mostly done with modeling massage techniques and lymphatic drainage. "The molding is an intense massage, which promotes the oxidation of tissues and increased metabolism. It also stimulates the breakdown of fat and disposal of liquid and accumulated toxins"Explains the professional who ensures that most of its customers eliminate much liquid that need to stop in the middle of the session to pee.

The procedure is done in the arms, abdomen, back, flanks, legs and butt and lasts about 1h30. If necessary, Nany uses radio frequency devices, ultrasound, or lipocavitação powered roller. "This depends on the amount of fat. These devices help to further reduce the measures and promote a long-term treatment"He explains.

By tuning?

Nany ensures that some clients leave the session with baggy pants. This is because the massage is able to reduce measures, since instantly eliminates excess fluid retained in the body and moves fat.

But the benefits do not stop there. "Massage increases the amount of venous blood reaches the heart, which improves skin texture. The liquid exchange which occurs in the tissues promotes the elimination of toxins, and kneading techniques, pinching, sliding and twisting improves blood circulation and end shaping body", Details.

modeling massage fernanda souza 2MulherMassagem bag is carried on the back, abdomen, buttocks and legs

Massage shaping lose weight?

The technique is not able to eliminate fat. "The only procedure that does this is liposuction. In massage, I can reduce fat cells to squeeze them, then there is improvement in localized fat, but can not eliminate it", Says the expert.

Since cellulite is a significant improvement with treatment, since there is increased oxidation of blood circulation and tissues. "Doing one to two times a week, the skin becomes more lisinha and cellulite greatly reduced"Ensures Nany.

How long do the results last?

The immediate effect lasts about 24 hours, until the lymphatic system back to retain fluid.

Nany recommends that the procedure is done three times a week to maintain the results. "In this case, I intersperse lymphatic drainage massage with modeling not to hurt the fibers and tissues, as this would cause sagging skin"She says, pointing out that if the use of equipment needed, they can only be applied once a week.

How much?

modeling massage fernanda souza 3Playback / InstagramA actress Fernanda Souza with the beautician Nany MotaA massage session in the whole body costs $ 350, or R $ 450 with the device in use.

Who can?

The procedure is indicated for those suffering with water retention, want to improve the appearance of skin, reduce localized fat, reduce measures of the arms, back, abdomen, flanks and thighs and shape the body.

contraindications: people with varicose veins, thrombosis, heart or kidney failure and pregnant women.


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