How to crochet bags with style

Photos and graphics crochê1 bags

If there's one thing I love making is crochet, and as also I love bags. That's why today I want to make a super special article showing you some crochet bags.

You will see some crochet bags photos, that will inspire you, and I also have the graph of one of the most beautiful bags.


  • crochet line
  • Crochet needle
  • Scissors

Step by step:

The first I'll tell you is that all photos of crochet bags They are in our image gallery, there at the end of the article. Click on them to increase tamanho and you can see them clearly.

Then notice the last two images. The first is the photo crochet bag with "fat" background; and after that you can see crochet chart to do it.

Print the chart and make the bag at home, I'm sure you'll love.

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