11 things a “boring mother” teach to the child and that it will take for life

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Rules apparently advice "faces" and stiffness in some attitudes can cause you to be classified as a typical "boring mother". However, we know that only those who love are able to establish this kind of care without bothering to look like a shrew. Experts, moreover, ensure that stricter creation is synonymous with the most successful children. Learn 11 things a "boring mother" teaches to the child and that it will take for life:

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An "boring mother" insists the child make the bed and the room every day to teach the importance of organization and commitment, things he can apply in various walks of life.

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An "boring mother" causes the child reaches early party with friends because it has class the next day. Thus, it teaches that the obligations need to come before pleasure.

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An "boring mother" want to know who the child walks and how these companies, which he will also charge their own children in the future. After all, worry is a sign of love.

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An "boring mother" refuses to buy clothes and gifts out of special dates so that your child understands the true value of money.

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An "boring mother" banning junk food and soda during the week. In the future, the child will thank you for the health and body in shape.

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An "boring mother" establishing timetables for the child to sleep, after all, know that a good night's sleep is essential to improve mood, help you learn and keep the body healthy.

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An "boring mother" You can embarrass the child with a conversation about sex, but she knows that correct information prevents unwanted pregnancies and serious illnesses.

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An "boring mother" do not feel guilty to say "no" the child when considered necessary. She knows he must understand that disappointments are part of adult life.

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An "boring mother" Go Hard scold the child when he is rude to his grandmother. This will make him understand that respect their elders is the basics of civilization.

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An "boring mother" You will have a serious talk with his son to know that he practices with bullying colleagues. So she teaches how important it is to respect and tolerate differences.

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An "boring mother" He will insist that the child always carry a jacket or umbrella in the bag. Even upset, he will thank you when surprised by a turn in time.

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