8 simple beauty tips to become more sexy

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Is to win someone to spice up the relationship or to change the attitude, being sexy is a desire of many women. Behavior, style and personality are important factors for sensuality but some beauty tricks are too powerful to make you more attractive and confident. And the best are easy to make in the same house.

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Beauty tricks easy to be sexy

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Hair with more volume and movement are more attractive. A simple trick to achieve this effect is to dry the top-down wires, raising the root with their bare hands. Also, keep the cut always on time is important to give lightness to the look, bet on cuts peaked and disconnected for a more modern look.

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wavy hair
Naturally wavy wires also give a more casual and sensual air to look. Before the hair dry completely, attach two cokes at the time of ear and dry. Let cool and then release, the result is the formation of massive waves and very natural looking.

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powerful nails
No exaggeration in the size of the nails. The average length of lightly sanded square is ideal for any occasion. To leave them more powerful, apostes in glazes in shades of red, wine and other darker, like brown and eggplant. Do not forget to also invest in extra shine to leave the enamel always with fresh-made face.

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For a mysterious look, make a small point of light with a light shadow on the inner corners of the eyes. The illuminator is also needed: apply a little under the eyes and toward the temples to let the more striking look. thin eyeliner, smoky shadow and a lot of mask lashes also help to let the powerful look.

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bulky lips
It is true that full lips are synonymous with sensuality and with a few simple tricks you get this effect at home. With a pencil in the same color of lipstick, make a dash leaning against the natural contour of the mouth and fill it with a lipstick. Then apply a little illuminator around - the product gives the feeling that the lips are projected forward.

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Red lipstick is infallible to create a sexier look for any skin tone. However, for those who want to vary the choice without leaving aside the sensuality, the tip is to bet in warm colors to contrast with dark or tanned skin and cold colors for clear and rosy skin.

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For a more attractive skin, the big trick is to bet on the blushes with tan effect. Mix it with pink tones for a natural-looking and apply to the area of ​​the cheekbones.

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slightly curved, symmetrical and well-designed drawings leave the most penetrating look and give a more glamorous face to the air. Look remove excess by regularly - taking care to always leave well satisfied eyebrows - build a suitable format to your face type.

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