Film Will Smith: 7 hits him you need to see

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In addition to a successful music career, Will Smith proves that have talent for acting since her breakthrough TV role on the hit series "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". If you follow the actor's career and want to be sure that you are not passing any hit film, check the list of long perpetrated by Smith that pleased audiences and critics:

Movies Will Smith

"Men in Black": the mixture of science fiction and comedy made the film was applauded by critics and guaranteed box office success both turned a franchise.

"There": the film tells the true story of the fighter Muhammad Ali was one of the first chances of Will Smith prove his talent for dramatic performances and not only in comic roles.

"Enemy of the State": full action thriller released in 1998 also helped to show the versatility of Will Smith and was well received by critics and fans of the actor.

"Hitch - Director Loving": in the shoes of an expert in matters of the heart that helps men to win suitors, Will Smith pleased in one of his few forays into romantic comedies.

"I steal": action, adventure and stunning special effects mark the science fiction movie passed in 2035 that put Will Smith to fight with robots to defend the law and justice.

"I'm the Legend": in the film 2007 Will Smith plays a scientist who perceives to be the only survivor of the Earth after the attack of an incurable virus and their struggle for survival.

"Looking for happiness": in another dramatic foray into film, Will Smith plays next to his son in real life and emotional when telling the story of a man who seeks a better life for him his son.

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