Sex just in my relationship: is to recover? Where to start?

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All lasting relationship can go through ups and downs in libido and in some cases, without the partners themselves realize, sex eventually disappears completely.

Lack of intimacy does not exactly mean the end of love and some adjustments can be made to recover the desire and resume the routine of fondling and sexual satisfaction exchange. But before betting on juggling in bed, accessories and force fantasies, you need to take it easy.

Wedding in routine: how to bring sex back?

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Keep in mind that there are no rules, manuals or only way to address and resolve the problem, since every relationship has its own dynamics. But the most suitable to start dribbling the lack of sex It is to follow the path of open and sincere dialogue.

Understanding the reasons why the intimacy was forgotten is the first step. Although straightforward, the conversation with the partner or partner needs to be gentle and calm, without exchange charges or hurt demonstrations.

Make it clear that misses a greater intimacy in the relationship, which is still sexually attracted (a) through (a) partner (a), listen to what the other has to say, what you feel and look together to understand why the relationship has cooled .

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The timing of the conversation should be unity and not fight, since the sincerity and harmony dialogue increases the chances of finding what you're messing up the routine and sexual libido. The best way out is to keep the conversation with lightness and even humor to avoid possible embarrassment.

Since the warning sign of the lack of sex in the relationship is perceived, look also evaluate their own behavior. Consider how has been living for two, ask yourself how have treated each other and internally clarify any doubts regarding what feels for (a) partner (a).

Only after understanding and clarify the reasons for the lack of sex the couple should seek the best outputs that help to spice things up, as a simple output routine with romantic dinners, trips or even encourage experimentation positions and sexual fantasies.

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If you have children, it is crucial to find time for the couple when children are not around, either in the morning after bedtime or a getaway to the weekend. Another important point is to establish rules for sleep: the children need to stay in their own rooms so that the couple has preserved the intimacy.

Look consume erotic content such as videos, movies and even readings agucem desire. This can be done together with (a) partner (a), but it's interesting that you make yourself (a) also to reawaken their sexuality.

It masturbate is a key point to keep eroticism two: only when - in the bath, for example - try to touch and explore sensitive parts of your body, rediscover what excites you and rekindle his own desire.

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If possible, plan a trip for two, which may be a new honeymoon. Just leave the everyday scenario, you will be able to turn off the autopilot and renew your energy. The time will also encourage them to pay more attention to other, resume dialogue and strengthen the emotional bond. Sex, therefore, will come naturally.

Do not be afraid to resort to professional help if necessary. It may be that the reason for sexual lock is unconscious and thus you will not be able to access it easily. The assistance of a therapist can help a lot in this case, bringing up issues that you may not even know they were in the way.

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