successful novels of recent years

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The premiere of a new novel always stirs the minds of the public, which is curious in knowing unpublished characters and different plots. Broadcasters also experience expectations to know if the serial will fall in popular taste. Meet following novels that were successful and were well audience:


"Lady of destination"

Written by Aguinaldo Silva, Maria do Carmo plot (Susana Vieira) And Nazaré Tedesco (Renata Sorrah) Was a hit out of the ordinary, averaging 50 points in IBOPE.



starring Deborah Secco, the novel 2005 secured one of the largest audience globe on schedule.



Full of mysteries, the novel Silvio de Abreu held the public until the last few minutes of the plot.

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"The clone"

The love story that goes beyond the time and the limits of science was successful in Brazil and abroad.

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"Life pages"

The novel was one of the most successful author Manoel Carlos, and even helped to promote various social issues.


"Women in Love"

Homosexuality in adolescence and domestic violence were among the topics addressed in another successful Manoel Carlos.



The story of the pursuit of fame anyway pleased the audience and earned an average audience of 46 points for the Globe in 2003.


"Tropical paradise"

The traditional story of twins with different personalities gained new airs and the plot took off in IBOPE.


"Two face"

With Portelinha slum as a backdrop, the plot of Aguinaldo Silva have reached peaks of 60 rating points.


"The favorite"

Innovative, the novel surprise the audience every chapter and was a hit with the clash between the sisters Flora (Patrícia Pillar) And Donatella (Claudia Raia).


"Brazil Avenue"

The latest hit among the Globo soap operas caused a stir throughout the country, being passed by fans on television and the internet.

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