10 sexiest tattoos for daring girls: body spaces and designs ideas

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If you love abusing necklines, short clothes and cracks it is probably a woman who loves daring visual and attract glances. To secure a look that will always be synonymous with seduction, how about betting on sexy tattoos on different parts of the body. Check out some suggestions below:

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Although barely visible on the day, a tattoo between her breasts can be very suggestive:

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Tattoo between her breasts to attract more eyes to your cleavage:

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A tattoo on the neck can be hidden and surprising when the partner is to kiss her neck:

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Tattoo on the hip is also synonymous with sensuality:

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Tattoo thigh, simulating lingerie, certainly leaves any man interested:

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Another example of tattoo thigh just above the knee, can be bold:

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How about tattoos in the hip and ribs? A combination only for the most daring:

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Tattoo on the rib, incidentally, is quite sexy because it is usually only visible when you are naked or lingerie:

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The lower back can also be a good place for a sexy tattoo:

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What then of large tattoos that draw attention to your curves and hips? Sexiest, impossible:

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