Men coke: What do you think of the style? see photos

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Leave the long hair and arrest them carelessly in a bun on top of the head is far from being an exclusively female. Many men are adopting this hairstyle, which usually comes associated with a full beard, at best lumbersexual style - a term that refers to the visual lumberjack. And you think men with coke They are attractive or expects this trend to pass soon?

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Photos of men with coke

If you have not yet formed an opinion, how about taking a look in the gallery we did during the Summer 2016 edition of Sao Paulo Fashion Week?

Man with cokedorothy bag

Fabiano Okabayashi, Instagram man makeup, like well-crafted bun.

Man with coke 2dorothy bag

The French Silven invested in a more stripped tie.

Man with coke 5dorothy bag

João Bertolini also prefer the look casual.

Man with coke 6dorothy bag

Man with coke 3dorothy bag

Junior use with braided hair.

Man with coke 2playback / instagram

Some famous as Chay Suede, also adopted the look.

Man with coke 0gettyimages

Harry Styles is a fan since it started to let the hair grow.

Man with coke 1gettyimages

David Beckham has also used.

Man with coke 9gettyimages

Man with coke 7gettyimages

Before cutting the locks to live the joker, Jared Leto was constantly seen with cokes, including at formal events.

Man with coke 8gettyimages

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