baby names in 2017: trends for boys and girls ranging pumping in the year

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Some people already have in mind early names who wish to give to their future children. Already in doubt and others are slow to reach a final choice. Know what will be in high can help in the decision.

Baby names

More traditional never go out of style, like Mary, Joseph, Anne and John, who always remain chosen, often accompanied by a second option, forming a compound name.

Names of actors and actresses popular at the time, as well as characters that are successful in novels, or famous children usually enter the lists of the most used. With the 2016 Olympic Games held in Brazil, also increases the visibility for some athletes, that can inspire parents who love sports.

There are also those who prefer to rely on meaning of names and choose the one that fits the child.

Trend names 2017

According to a survey in 2015 preferred for girls were Alice, Sophia, Julia and Laura. Among Miguel boys, Arthur, David and Pedro top the list. In 2016 all these remain very chosen and it is possible to follow strong in 2017. See trends:

boys names

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  • Antonio: very valuable, valued and respected.
  • Artur: strong, brave and noble.
  • Bento: blessed, of whom it speaks well.
  • Bernardo: strong, brave and courageous.
  • David: dearly beloved, the favorite.
  • Enzo: responsible, prince of home and winner.
  • Gabriel: Strong man and messenger of God.
  • Gael: beautiful, generous and protected.
  • Hector: powerful, relentless and a lot of willpower.
  • John: full of grace, blessed by God.
  • Joseph: has good sense and brightness, is someone who adds.
  • Lorenzo: balanced, strong and secure.
  • Lucca: enlightened, wise and happy.
  • Nicolas: brave, victorious and successful.
  • Noah: loving, determined and long life.

Names of girls

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  • Alice: noble, honorable and very important.
  • Dwarf: graceful and full of grace.
  • Beatriz: blessed and that brings happiness.
  • Clara: bright, luminous and illustrious.
  • Isadora: donation, a gift.
  • Julia: sweet, cute and affectionate.
  • Lara: quiet, balanced and successful.
  • Laura: quiet leader and victorious.
  • Liz: honor, power and loyalty
  • Luna: moon, light and feminine.
  • Maria: strong and sovereign, the mother of Jesus.
  • Mariana: Junction Maria and Ana, sovereign and full of grace
  • Maya: balanced, confident, compassionate and know how to forgive.
  • Olivia: wise, safe and protective.
  • Valentina: creative, you have a sense of justice and knows seize opportunities.

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