Pill, patch or injection?


Choosing the right contraception method for you is critical in preventing pregnancy. The contraceptive pill may be the best known and used by most women, or can be applied as well as injection or adhesive.

They all work by mimicking natural hormones women (estrogen and progesterone), which control the menstrual cycle. This natural cycle occurs through the oscillation of these two hormones in the body, culminating in ovulation. The gynecologist Karina Zulli, the Hospital and Maternity São Luiz in Sao Paulo, said that the administration of synthetic hormones through the contraceptive is an attempt to "trick" the body and not let the natural hormones act and that there is ovulation. "Methods are very effective when used correctly and consistently, but none of them should be used without medical advice"He says.

The disadvantages and advantages of each method, according to the gynecologist, depend on the patient's choice along the gynecologist and vary according to individual issues, such as improving the quality of life, reduce symptoms of PMS, or just as a method contraceptive. "The most effective method is one that will ensure the patient the best benefits, ensuring, then, better adherence"He says.

According to her, all of them are flawed, albeit low. The rate is measured according to the Pearl Index, a formula that evaluates the effectiveness of a contraceptive method, taking into account how many women in every 100 users of a particular method become pregnant in the first year. In the case of pill, the rate is 0.3 to 1.25%. In intravenous, 0.1 to 0.4%. And adhesives, 0.88%.

The pill is still the most popular among women. The gynecologist believes that, being one of the oldest methods in the market, provides the concept that works, and is simpler to use and cheaper. Another advantage, she said, is that in the face of undesirable side effects, the suspension becomes simple, just stop using. "It is important to clarify that contraceptives should never be used by smokers or previous history of thromboembolism patients. And no hormonal contraceptive works in preventing sexually transmitted diseases, so condom use is essential", ends.

To understand a little more the differences between each of them, check below the gynecologist's explanations:

pills: In the first month, the first tablet to be taken on the first day of the menstrual cycle and then one per day, preferably at the same time to the end of the card, then making an interval that varies with the number of tablets the chart. If forgotten, it must be taken immediately, even two at the same time. If you miss two or more, you can stop the chart until the next menstruation.

injections: They must be applied monthly or quarterly in the gluteal or buttock region, without massaging the site after application.

Stickers: The first to be placed on the first day of menstruation and changed every week. Three stickers in total. After the third, we recommend a break of a week when usually happens menstruation and then resume a new pack. The adhesive may be pasted into clean, dry skin, where there is fat deposits, such as the back of the arm, abdomen, back, or buttocks. In the bath, we need to be careful not to take off. If this occurs, it should be replaced.

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