How do eye smoky for parties

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Known as smokey eye, makeup with smoky black shadow is ideal for a sexier look and evening parties. The make-up artist Raphaella Bahia, the FR Microcenter (RJ), says the secret to let the professional effect is to use a common pencil - do not use waterproof - and always remove excess before applying the shadow to not smudge. "Prepare the skin before the makeup and apply powder in the area of ​​dark circles. Any black shadow to fall, will come out with the powder. Simply remove the brush"Teaches. Check out step by step makeup with smoky eye:

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Smokey eye makeup

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Step 1 - "If the skin is dry, apply moisturizer prior to concealer. If it is oily, wash your face with soap specific"Says makeup artist Raphaella. Pass shadow illuminating across the eyelid.

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Step 2 - With a concave brush - more chubby and soft - check the area with brown shade. Then a circular motion forward and back, up in smoke and the product.

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Step 3 - Write to the eyelashes a close outlined with black pencil. Then, the eyelid esfume before drying. If it becomes dry, use the pencil to color the eyelid before applying the shadow.

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Step 4 - After smudge, apply black shadow across the eyelid. Use a brush with bristles more durinhas to avoid smudging the product.

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Step 5 - Use a brush to blur, joining brown shade with black. Make slight movements and circular forward and backwards to achieve a uniform finish. The concave must not be marked.

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To leave the marked look, black pencil pass in the waterline. If you usually tear and blur the product in time to outline, hint: "Use a cotton swab with a bit of makeup remover and remove only what is wrong"Teaches makeup artist.

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Step 7 - Spend a little black pencil close to the lower lashes and apply a black shadow with a beveled brush to increase the durability of makeup. Use the brush to also demarcate the outer corner of eye. If you are not at home, use a masking tape and a black pencil to achieve the effect.

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Step 8 - Apply plenty of mascara on the upper lashes, using the zigzag effect from the root. If you want an even more powerful effect, apply false eyelashes. Do not forget to use the mask on the lower lashes.

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Products used: Base Perfection Foundation, color 22 - Light Natural, Sephora, R $ 89, Powder Compact Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder, Natural Stay color, Clinique, R $ 139; Shadow Single Eye Shadow, Black color, Nyx Cosmetics, R $ 39; brown shade, Deep color, Duda Molinos, R $ 21.90; Lust six palette colors of the Wet n Wild (Substitute: Shadow Palette Baked Essentials of B. Make of the Apothecary, US $ 99; black mask for eyelashes in fact false eyelashes, the Make B., O apothecary, R $ 64.99; pencil eyeliner to the eyes waterproof, the Touch of Nature, R $ 20 on average; beveled brush, Pro Art, US $ 12.90; classic brush for shadows, the Coastal Scents , US $ 20; brush to blur, Coastal Scents, R $ 19.50; shadow brush, Coastal Scents, R $ 22.

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