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2001 02 275Renata de Castro

BM - What was your first job?

GL - It was an office assistant, then I was a secretary at Shell and then went into prostitution.

BM - Why did you leave a multinational and changed radically profession?

GL - It is very saccal be secretary. It's all pretty straight forward, timetables, up five in the morning in Sao Paulo, all bottled. As secretary I could not do some things that I love to this day that is my bohemian sex and other things like reading and socializing with people I liked besides office people. So I decided to change my life and I resigned in the Shell. It was kind of hard to find a job the way I wanted. It was the time of "sexual revolution", Early 70's that time my oldest daughter was already born.

BM - You worked on the street or was linked to a nightclub?

GL - I never liked to fight on the street because you're very exposed to all kinds of things, the police, a man paranoid .... At first I joined a boite in the mouth of luxury and did not like. I did not like because they do not like the big noise of the nightclubs there. Then someone pointed me to boite Michel and went to the mouth of the trash.

BM - You, out of the multinational, continued paying the pension?

GL - I have INAMPS. Also because I am now the director of an NGO and never did as autonomous.

BM - Draft a profile of prostitution in the streets of Rio.

GL - Some areas are transvestites and others are women. The Lapa on Rua Augusto Severo, is transvestite. The Tiradentes is mixed. You go to Atlantic Avenue, now in the summer, is woman, woman, woman. A lot of woman. At Rua Mem de Sá gives woman and transvestite, near the Bar Brazil and Chapel is a transvestite and there is forward woman. Vila Mimosa is only woman.

BM - What is your opinion about the child prostitution?

GL - You have to put this issue into something broader that is child labor. It's terrible you have children working on sugarcane plantations and cotton plantation how terrible you have children working in prostitution. It's all the same thing. What appears most is the thing because prostitution is sex. In my opinion, an ideal and not unjust society such as ours, would not have children working on anything. Child has to play and study. Here's one thing that is worse. Girls are getting pregnant and living with boys who are trafficking on the hill because it is a form of power being a woman these boys and their becoming pregnant. Because of this, all die early. Now, in the interior of Brazil, you find these guys, pimps, who go there and sometimes buy the mother of his daughter. They give money and take his daughter. That happens. The virgin even has more value.

BM - you talk about age and work. The girl of 18 is more valued?

GL - Normally, a new girl in a prostitution area makes more money. She is beautiful because it has everything right in place and is new. If she does not handle well the guys, it will run out of customer, it comes back to the old. It all depends on which treatment is given.

BM - What is mistreat?

GL - You have a new girl who knows nothing of the profession and is evil. Goes away fast, he looks at the clock and it's cold. In the area, as the Vila Mimosa, older and experienced women are earning more money. I have a colleague who retired after 68 years. She had customer for 30 years, had seen her husband (laughs). In spa is different, only young woman makes money. Anyway, it tastes for everything: has man just like pregnant women, has man who likes fat women. My friend Angela seems a figure of Fellini and is full of customer.

BM - Why does man looking for a whore?

GL - Two reasons: there is no commitment and is cheaper than meet a girl in a bar and do a whole wave to get her to the motel. It has a third question that is a fantasy story. Has man who likes to frequent prostitutes because you think the cool chat and enjoy the environment.

BM - What is the customer profile?

GL - Married executives go far to the spa. Unmarried and poor are the majority in the area.

BM - What do you think men love? What is more successful?

GL - In my experience, I think it will depend on the man's fantasy. But, oddly enough, you know that attention is what men most seek. It's amazing, they are very fond of talking. They speak of one's personal life, the problems they have with the woman ... For them, these things are really cool because if he finds on the street, she pretends that he does not even know. So they can open and men are very closed. They are always great, wonderful, raises the stick 30 times ... This is all a lie. In the area, the man can be what he is and can do whatever he wants to do. If he wants to wear a panties and a bra and be walking around the room and ask the woman to talk "you are beautiful"The woman will speak and will not tell anyone.

BM - What advice would you give to a young woman who is starting in the profession?

GL - I think people have to follow all the normal ways of life. In my time, we were very "fucking crazy" and such. He earned a lot and not thinking about the future. I think you should pay health insurance, the money that is earned in prostitution enough to pay, declare the INSS as autonomous, although we are fighting for the profession to be recognized in the issue of Social Security and why the minister been talking about this possibility . For me, vacation is fundamental.

BM - Prostitutes have employer?

GL - Employer has, it's all indoors and called madam and pimp. As it is outside the law, is this marginal thing, exploitation is greater. Here in Rio not so much, but in Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte, for example, the girls pay a daily to work and such. Here is percentage. In Vila Mimosa, where the program is very cheap, it is 10%. The program is R $ 40.00 and R $ 50.00. There is called the low prostitution.

BM - Your companion supported your decision to go into prostitution?

GL - I had no companion at the time. Now I have a companion in a while ... I'm Flavio ten years ago. Before, I've had mates two years, three years.

BM - This profession is profitable?

GL - Girls in summer in Copacabana are charging $ 100.00. In the village we charge $ 40.00 or R $ 50.00.

BM - Outside the financial compensation, there is a calling for prostitution? His colleagues like what they do?

GL - You have it all. Some people do not like and which is sinful. Every day they talk "I'll leave this life". In fact, they never go out. A colleague of mine from Belém do Pará said this is very inefficient, a woman who is talking about it all your life and does not gather money to leave. He has a wife that is meant it, even enjoys it and find the most inexpensive meet so many people. I always liked the activity.

BM - You did everything by the time you worked as a prostitute?

GL - No. I had everything. Made man fucks and fantasies because it is not so pragmatic: vaginal sex, oral sex ... There is a fantasy and it is huge.

BM - What's the strangest fantasy?

GL - I will speak one for you imagine that point comes the fantasy of men. It has one that went to the area once a week and hoped the woman leave after answering a customer. He liked to perform oral sex before she washed. He paid to do this with the sperm of other men. This pre-AIDS era. I loathed it. Terrible, right? I met a guy in Sao Paulo who had a sex with thin heel shoe woman. So on he went, the women ran to the bedroom to put on his heel shoe. He loved the foot of the woman in the heel shoe. He did nothing, I was just admiring your foot.

BM - You liked the sexual contact or personal contact?

GL - I liked the personal contact, money and freedom of schedules. This free time is the most important and currently I do not have it. I wish I could make my schedule, to be able to go out at night, dance, take my beer and have money all day. It has to be organized because the money flies and I was never to save money. I have colleagues who can buy several cars. Have others who can not nothing. My case.

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