Lunar Zodiac: astrologer list facts you need to understand about your honeymoon

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Know your sign, based on the day and time of his birth, it is just a starting point to learn details about his personality and how the stars have an impact on your life. Be aware of your ascendant, planets position and where the moon was when you came into the world are other aspects that need to be analyzed to better understand their predictions and compatibility.

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Your moon sign, for example, you are able to set different individual characteristics that make you differentiate yourself from other people who were born on the same day and therefore have the same sun sign. The positioning of the star is able to tell a lot about your emotions, physical health, relationship with family and intimate and personal needs.

Understand how the moon's position in its sign influences your lifeShutterStockEntenda as the moon's position in its sign influences your life

Only by studying his birth chart it is possible to know what your moon sign, and know where each star was at the time he was born. In his YouTube channel, the astrologer Paula Pires explains in detail the facts that each sign need to understand about your honeymoon. Check out the details of each of the video below:

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