BIZARRE 20 products that only the Japanese could have invented


It is to be born more creative people than the Japanese! They come in all aspects of life, from intelligence to the bizarre. If you think you had a super idea that can generate a unique and useful product, you can go forgetting, because for sure the Japanese will have already created! See the 20 most bizarre products already launched the Japs!

Matador cheap


Forget the Hawaiian stick! These flip flops not only kill cockroaches as well as torture, you can even make a trail with the remains of the animal on the carpet, it looks great!

standing broom


To that sweep the floor with your hands when you can do it with your feet? And still leave your hands free to do anything else ????????????????????

girlfriend pillow


're lacking? Needing a lullaby on a cold night? Fluffy and comfortable female legs? And you do not have a girlfriend? Damn! Your problems are over, baby! Buy this pad that simulates the female leg and be happy!

bra bag

bra 0disclosure

I went to the market > I forgot the bag > Hey I'll take the bra and make bag as never thought of it before great idea?!?!?!?!?

Fitness facial

shape updisclosure

Calm down, calm down. An object exercising your face? starry advertising by Cristiano Ronaldo? You do not get better? Yes! See the advertisement and be perplexed as us:

Modeler eyelids


You know that day you wake up, look in the mirror and WHY WE ARE SO UGLY MY EYELIDS NEED CHANGE THIS !!!!!!!!!!! 1111 Buy modeler and solve your problem!

hot food blower


Is eating that soup that is so hot, it burns your tongue? 're too lazy to blow? Attach a mini fan to your silverware and delight with soups of all types and temperatures!

noodle bib


But if you are still not satisfied to eat cold soup, and're concerned about hair or clothing, use this super original and cute bib! You, and pretty clean, it will look like a young lion! Very cute.

Sketchpad head


Remember that complicated day you spent on the train? When I was dead tired but could not sleep so your head does not stop on the shoulder of the person on the side? YOUR PROBLEMS ended with this wonderful supporter head to sleep on public transport !!!!

Butter tube


Have you ever wondered if that your glue stick, you wore at school, were edible? The Japanese decided to use the same principle to create a butter tube! Much easier and does not spoil the bread when you will pass that cold butter does not spread right!

silent microphone


Oba !!!! Karaoke! What a great opportunity to join those of his bosom friends and sing loud music while everyone gets drunk. But has that little friend singing good evil and thinks destroys. For her, you can give this silencer microphone! She'll sing all you want without disturbing others!

magnifying glass lighter


Forgot lighter at home? It has absolutely no human being on the street that has one to lend you? Okay, you can take your portable magnifying glass from his pocket, put it in front of sun and light it!

inverted umbrella


The umbrella is to prevent the rain soak you, right? WRONG. The Japanese were well, and in addition to protecting you from the rain, this wonderful invention collects all the water that falls on him, for you give that washed in the yard after!

Muzzle duckbill


I have a dog. But I wanted so much to have a duckling, they are so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I'll buy that muzzle duckbill, my dogs will get lindinhos!

Wagners of toes


The human being does not decide, right? One day is nice to have small feet, on the other, big foot, but for those who always dreamed of putting on 39, there is the toes stretcher! Bora buy?

Scratcher back

naval itchingdisclosure

Do you like Minesweeper? His back too itchy in places that your arms do not reach? Buy this shirt, which is made of squares indicated by letters and numbers. When your back itch, ask that your classmate a helping hand and give him the exact square of itching !!!!

Capinha edible


You were wrong the whole time. The mobile hood serves not only to protect it. Hit that monster hungry and there is absolutely nothing to eat at your fingertips? Do not panic and take a bite of your hood without fault!

camera 360


You're crazy kitten that work? Will look ridiculous pointing the phone on him to take a picture to send to her friends, right? You know what you can do? Buy this camera 360 SUPER DISCREET, put on the head and send see in the pictures! The cat will never know who you're shooting!

espanadora clothing

drinks 0disclosure

It has passed the time when babies were just cuddly beings who ate and slept all day! With racing busy routines and mothers, all help is welcome, then baby, put your clothes espanadora and start crawling around! I want to see this floor shining!

face tuner


According to the Japanese, it is a face ~~ ~~ tuner but you can play as you want, okay? Some would see as a sex toy, but not me!

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