7 films teenagers 90s that (admit it!) Are really cool to watch today

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The second half of the 90s brought back to Hollywood the freshness of teen movies. Themes such as proms, the first sexual intercourse or even mysterious crimes committed by a serial killer dressed revisited the movie theater with the same vigor of the previous decade. Many of them are worth so worthwhile that are still legal to watch.
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# 7 - Clueless (1995)

This iconic movie immortalized a lifestyle as futile as naive, typical of riquinhas girls, and break made Alicia Silverstone one of the most famous faces of the last decade of the 20th century.

# 6 - Never Been Kissed (1999)

Fun and sometimes melancholy romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore in the charismatic role of a journalist who revisits the high school days.

# 5 - 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Comedy inspired by Shakespeare's work, with the lure of bringing actors like Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

# 4 - Panic (1996)

The great teen horror film of the decade, immortalized the iconic mask of the villain.

# 3 - Halloween Young (1996)

It could be a typical film about the hardships of collegial relationships in the United States, but here the girls also have magical powers.

# 2 - She's All That (1999)

Freddie Prinze Jr. emerged as a major heartthrob (a fact that was not confirmed in the following years), and shines in the role of a popular guy who accepts the bet to make an unattractive girl into a prom queen. Of course he falls in love with her ...

# 1 - American Pie: The First Time is Unforgettable (1999)

"Porky's," "The Last Single Party", "The Last American Virgin" ... The cinema has always loved comedies student sexual theme. And "American Pie" was a great representative of this style in the decade, so that did not go out of fashion.

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