Disguise orgasm on camera turns fashion on the Internet

disguise orgasm becomes fashion on the Internet lola benvenutti 0Pure Ecstasy / Youtube.com

The newest trend in the audiovisual world is to show people trying to disguise orgasm while performing another no sexual activity, such as eating a bowl of noodles, read a book or sing karaoke.

disguise orgasm becomes fashion in internet Stoya/hystericalliterature.com

It started with a video of porn star Stoya reading an excerpt from a book while being stimulated by a vibrator under the table.

The video is part of Hysterical Literature project, which combines literature with sex. The fashion caught on and the list of "pokerface orgasms" is increasingly extensive.

Check here some examples of this new fashion:

hysterical Literature

The project of "viral art" Clayton Cubitt photographer explores the dual relationship between body and mind.

The invited women read excerpts from classic books like "Mechanical orange" and "American Psycho"While being stimulated by a vibrator. The challenge is that they keep reading until they reach orgasm. The series has ten videos of women of all ages, styles and ethnicities.

The Stoya video was the first of the series and has won more than 15 million views to agoa. Why is it, right?

pure Ecstasy

Here is the Brazilian version of "hysterical Literature", Only without the concept of "viral art" exploited by American photographer.

The idea is that the channel invited women maintain seriously while being sexually stimulated and at the same time, practice everyday activities.

The first guest of the series was the controversy Lola Benvenutti, graduated in Letters and call girl by choice.

Twas Night Before Christmas

Another challenge involves vibrators and literature, but here it gets a little more promiscuous.

The YouTube channel "Simple Pickup" He called women to read Christmas stories while they were stimulated by Sybian vibrator.

The channel had already made other like video, which reached millions of views: the presenters invited ordinary women who walked down the street to "test" the Sybian vibrator in front of everyone.
Sing What Happens Next

The Japanese decided to innovate the art of singing karaoke thing they dominate. Of course I could not miss a dose of weirdness, since we are talking about Nipponese inventions.

The Japanese TV show "Sing What Happens Next" shows men being masturbated while trying to sing karaoke. Participants receive caresses made by hand or by foot, the assistants dressed in fetish attire.

Not only that, the winners take home some "toys" erotic as a prize.

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