View photos of Carol Castro in ‘Fitness’ before and after photoshop

see photos of carol castro in good shape before and after photoshop

They fell on the network on Friday, 11 photos Carol Castro for the magazine "Good shape" on newsstands in July. In the images, the actress appears in two periods: before and after treatment photos with photoshop.

Carol asked them to remove the tattoo that has below the navel. Without the tribal design, images for the magazine will also show tanned actress and without expression lines in the body. Currently Carol Castro It is in the air with the novel "Written in the stars", Globo.

On twitter, Carol has denied a request that the tattoo was removed. The actress is not the first famous to suffer the consequences of disclosure of images without retouching. demi Moore He is involved in a controversy with a photographer who claimed that your pictures in "W" December 2009, They had been poorly retouched.

The hunky Taylor Lautner has also been accused of showing what does not in photos that have been retouched for posters "new Moon. The abdomen of a Brazilian would have been included in the image.

Since the singer Britney Spears It was against and released herself, their photos without retouching on the computer. In the original images, it appears with the thicker legs, protruding flab and skin blemishes.

By Digital Spy

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