New movie “King Arthur”: 4 reasons why this may be the BEST version

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THE story of the legendary King Arthur is a favorite of film: adapted and retold under different perspectives, it is difficult to remember all. However, a new version of the famous sword Excalibur legend is coming to a cinema. And we have four good reasons to bet on "King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword" as the best adaptation of the tale.

Film about the legend of King Arthur

# 1 Direction

With regard to the history of professionals who subscribe to the new film adaptation is promising. The direction is the film director Guy Ritchie, head of box office hits as the new "Sherlock Holmes" with Robert Downey Jr., "Revolver" and awarded "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", 1998. Since the script is Joby Harold, the thriller "Awake - Life on a Wire" and production is the Oscar winner Akiva Goldsman, the acclaimed "a Beautiful Mind."

# 2 Cast

The team that is ahead of the cameras also stars. King Arthur will be played by Charlie Hunnam, who rose to prominence in the recent Fox series, "Sons of Anarchy". Besides them, the Oscar nominees Jude Law ( "Sherlock Holmes") and Djimon Hounsou (of "Blood Diamond"), and Eric Bana, come from "Star Trek," and Aidan Gillen, Littlefinger of "Game of Thrones ".

# 3 Technical Production

In an epic action-adventure, the striking visual is an indispensable part to build an engaging narrative. And the climbing team for it has a professional series Oscar nominees, big films like "Batman: The Dark Knight," Phantom of the Opera, "" Gladiator, "" Finding Neverland, "among others .

Explore the scenery of "King Arthur - The Legend of the Sword" video 360:

# 4 Adaptation

The new adaptation - already acclaimed internationally press promises to give special attention to the epic battles in which Arthur will even become king. When Arthur's father is murdered, his uncle (Jude Law) seizes the crown and deny nephew rights, who lives with difficulty through the city's alleys, even in his hands the mighty sword Excalibur. From there, he will build his legacy.

"King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword" debut in Brazilian theaters on May 18.

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