How to win a pervert Internet user> “The 10 commandments of kinky erotic chat”

By Deise Gonçalves

Like everything involving seduction between men and women, erotic chat rolling in chat rooms also follows a specific ritual. The ritual which organizes the participation of anonymous partners in cybersex sessions has some striking features. Are a few basic rules, highly recommended tasty little things so that the couple can experience virtual real pleasure. Hence, the tip of some shifty commandments essential to the success of sexy venture, to be put into practice by webgatas.

1) CHOOSE ONE OF NICK OF LEGS raise the hair grown men OF THE NET. Something like: Suada Blonde, Delayed, Popozuda, Miss Butt, delicinha, ANAL-fabeta or Afinzaça. Around. View the character shirt (but take off your panties) and assume his fiery personality.

2) LET'S FACE TALK TALK TALK, MEAN, chat chat chat, VC TO KNOW HOW IT WORKS. Find all the most simple!

3) CREATE AN ENABLING THE PRIVACY OF CLIMATE RALA-AND-ROLL VIRTUAL. No frills! general release and corresponds with enthusiasm to exchange sacanagens keystrokes.

4) FIND OUT WHAT IS THE CHEAP handsome. Make indiscreet questions to find out all "details" who can provide you clues to please him. Dive into his fantasy, but skip the trampoline without the digital bikini. Make things easy.

5) TOPE ALL THAT PAINT. Face it all in stride and try to take advantage of the situation. Do not play hard to not scare the stallion. Enjoy every keystroke as if it were the last. Tip: give it what it need to ask, even if not quite your thing.

6) SAY WHAT YOU ARE NO LIMIT. Confess that you are there a week without sex. Behave as if you were in the greatest dryness, about to explode with pleasure the next typed sentence.

7) PRAISE THE SAID WHOSE PERFORMANCE. Review what you're surpreeeeeeesa with his performance, he's great, he knows everything about women, it is a thousand times better than your real cat. His self-esteem will rise to stratospheric levels. Point for you!

8) NOT SAVE HARD. Give it all to excite the web servant to the most mind-blowing consequences, taking him literally on madness. Therefore, do not take more than 15 minutes to say it is getting dry humping. It is shot down ... (and d!).

9) LIE WHEN (E SE) APPLICABLE. not reveal "Jame" which is short-sighted, that is overweight or not shaved legs. The Internet heartthrob waiting vocêuma goddess inteiraça and without defects (as he, by the way!). Do not turn-off, please!

10) CALL face LOVE, OF HARD, THE YUMMY, GORGEOUS AND CAT. Oh, get his e-mail in case of an emergency, if you think he deserves to be added to favorites. Otherwise, be radical: delete the loser and go to another.

Remember, my friend, in real life is not much different. Sex requires (always) charm, talent, creativity, intelligence, sensuality, left field and ability to improvise. In this sense, the chat can be an excellent laboratory for their sexual experiences. Just one thing: real bed forget the little white lies. They will not stick.

Deise Gonçalves is author of "love Online"Still unsigned.

E-mail: http: //[email protected]

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