10 most attractive female occupations as men

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Nurse, secretary or teacher would certainly answers the question if we did "what are the professions more attractive to women?". The dating site Match, UK, conducted a survey published by Cosmopolitan magazine's website that shows that these responses are equivalent, in fact, to what heterosexual site users think.

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The following is what were the 10 most attractive professions for women in the opinion of men:

professions attractive women half 0Credit: Thinkstock1) Professor (5%)

2) Executive Secretary (5%)

3) medical, veterinary or dental (5%)

4) Seller (4%)

5) Economist and accountant (4%)

6) Lawyer (4%)

7) tourismologist (4%)

8) Technical or engineering in computer technology (4%)

9) Advertising (3%)

10) Policy (3%)

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