Actor Chuck Bass did not take part in the revival of “Gossip Girl” for ONE reason

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We are living in a time when revivals old series are successful and ensure the nostalgia moment the public. These were cases of "Gilmore Girls", "Fuller House," "That's So Raven" and "Twin Peaks," for example. But have you thought about a possible sequel to "gossip Girl"?

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Guaranteed presence in the list of our favorite series, "Gossip Girl" left the TV in 2012 after six long seasons - and still makes many fans feel lack of the Upper East Side. But news left the followers of the Sad Girl Blog: if the US broadcaster CW solve produce a revival of the series, Ed Westwick, our eternal Chuck Bass, has said it will not participate!

Ed ended our hopes in an interview with Radio Times, revealing why not toparia a return: the end of the series is still very recent.

"This meeting will not happen. I know many serials are returning - as' Will & Grace 'and' Gilmore Girls' - but it is very strange to think that return. It seems that just finished! I gave a lot of me for the character, I think just the same, "said the actor. Even in conversation, Ed said only one thing would participate in possible new episodes of the series: the investment of Netflix.

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In addition to the actor, the producers of "Gossip Girl" are not available for a continuation. Working in the reboot of "Dynasty", Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are focused on the newest bet CW - which comes with the intention of returning to the public teen dramas or more "novel of guy."

But fans of "Gossip Girl" can not lose hope! An actress revealed that like the return of the idea: Blake Lively, who played Serena van der Woodsen. In an interview with Variety, the artist commented on a possible revival of the series.

"I do not know, why not? I guess it depends. If I do another seven years of the show? No, because a lot of work and I have my children, I do not want to stay so long away from them. But I learned that in life we ​​can never say never, "Blake said.

And you, is that team? Will "Gossip Girl" deserves a revival, even a few years after the end of the series?

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