monochrome style


Fashion comes, fashion goes, but the classic is! Can get colorful, striped trends, different prints, but after a short time they will be out of the windows. What will always remain on the catwalks and especially in our wardrobes are the good old traditional styles, such as monochrome.

"Of course, the monochrome is not fashion, is a classic! Nothing compared to these that will go out of use in six months, "explains stylist, Roberta Carlucci. He adds: "The monochrome at most a tone on tone is sophisticated and has the power to stretch the body, never goes out of fashion."

Want to know how elegant stay in mono? Take a look at our gallery and be inspired for this season, or for all!


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Salma Hayek was sensational with this dress and monochrome, beautiful accessories!


Léa Seydoux, the French actress who played one of the characters of the recent work of Woody Allen, "Midnight in Paris", Made sure to use a monochromatic look. Here, only the soles of your shoes (which are largely absent) fleeing the blue tone of his look at the Cannes Film Festival 2011


The Dolce brand catwalks & Gabbana also are keen to compose monochrome combinations, we see that there really is a classic!


Actress "King Kong"Naomi Watts in simple look and mono


The magnificent Cate Blanchett on the red bet total for their combination and sexy, right?


In this show, the designer Luciano Canalle made sure to use the monochrome element in various looks of the collection of Santa Ephigênia


The Queen of shorties, Xuxa Meneghel, simple and bonita de branco!


Global actress Mariana Ruy Barbosa threw all the chips in black and was great! The color contrasted with her pale skin and his red hair, and although risk with mature look, the result was pretty cool


The top model Kate Moss could not miss in the list, this model look a bet in gray and its variations of tone


The little princess Kate Middleton has a classic super wardrobe, turns and moves it goes around with monochromatic looks

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